Friday, May 18, 2012

hello friday!!
note to self; do not buy your daughter a sweet tea from mcdonalds at 7:00 p.m.
this will results in an 11:00 p.m. bedtime.
i know i know, clearly a duh moment.
it's just SO good.  i honestly can't wait until henry can experience this goodness with us.
anyways, on to business.....

dear NCN,
you are a funny, funny little newspaper now aren't you.  ayi yi yi.....

dear tequila's to go,
i am going to dominate YOU tonight.
honestly if you haven't gotten tequila's to go it's amazing.
now only if they would have margarita to go cups.
the world would really be a better place.  seriously.

dear schnucks,
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have this in stock tonight on my way home
kacie - get excited!!

dear swimming suit i ordered from VS,
you are the most i have ever paid for a swimming suit.
PLEASE don't disappoint.

dear stella,
how in the world is your list of people you like to facetime longer than mine!??!

dear henry,
i never wanted to do the whole mohawk thing to you, but papa did a pretty good one last night.

dear gyros,
my my my - i could eat you for lunch every day.

dear Wonka tweets,
i don't care what anyone says - you are freaking hilarious!!
'oh it's raining outside?  please post a status update for all of us with no windows.'
'oh you're job hunting?  that's a lovely neck tattoo, i'm sure you'll have no problem finding work.'
'oh you thinking drinking diet coke is healthy?  you'll be fit in no time.'
'oh you think you look ugly in that picture?  good idea posting it to facebook.'
ha - i could read these all day.

that's it - have a great friday and great weekend.



The Independent Spinster said...

Haha...those Wonka things crack me up...Love the dry humor

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

cute blog. your kids are DARLING! found you via the link up! xo

thecoffeehouse said...

mexican food and skinny girl margs?! I would like you hang out with you this weekend ... please.

Sami said...

Hahaha I'm dying over the Sweet Tea! The other night I was craving coffee so I made a cup at 9:00pm and then couldn't figure out why I couldn't fall asleep. Le, duh!

I love the Wonka tweets too.. they make me laugh and then I send them to my mom and she doesn't get it.

I need to figure out where I can find this Pina Colada goodness.. yum!!
Happy Weekend love :)

Anonymous said...

I am FINALLY able to log back in to Blogger, oh how I missed it & leaving comments!

I seen the NCN thing and was very confused.......
hope all is well!

Katie said...

Used the same "It's Friday....Let's Dance on my blog today :)

I ordered 2 VS swimming suits and second guessed myself probably 10 times before I hit place order. Pricey little f-ers. Although I have one from 4 years ago that is still in perfect conditiion my butt just grew out of it. Sad. :(

those wonka sayings are hilarious! I love them. Oh you have a northface jacket, you must go on so many adventures" hahahha

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to dance because it's Friday. It's been a long week! Wonks jokes crack me up! Your babies ate precious!

Kacie said...

We could definetly be the ones to go pick up the Tequilas to go and have a margarita!!!!! ;)

Ashley Slater said...

um, sweet tea is the bomb dot com! loveeeeeee it. although chik-fil-a's beats mcdonalds! :) loved your letters! thanks for linking up with me!