3 Things Thursday

Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 Things Thursday

how is it thursday already?
i haven't even worn the same pair of pants to work twice this week.
it just doesn't feel right.
you know you do it too - thursdays are the days you most frequently wear a pair of pants you already wore this week.
it's ok - admit it, i'm RIGHT there with you.
honesty is the best policy people.
ha - moving on.
linking up with heather for the normal thursday stuff.

3 Things I Am Happy About
*ordering a medium iced coffee from mcdonalds this morning and getting a large for free.
i love when they mess up!
that's right sister - things are looking up!
*finding out about the Hatfields and the McCoys.
maybe i lived under a rock but i did not discover them until last night.
and i want to watch all three parts over and over.
*the rendezvous this weekend.
man i love the rendezvous!!

3 Things I Am Thinking
bahahahaha - you do NOT want to know what goes on inside this head of mine.
we will just leave it at that.
trust me - it's best for everyone.

3 Things That Bother Me
ha - again we could go on and on.
i will be good though.  ok wait, that's a lie.
*this - this bothers me.
in an amazingly hilarious way.
how about people like this bother me - but lawd this is dead on regarding how i feel about it.
thank you again to the person who sent this to me - they know me TOO well!!
*ass kissers.
ass kissers bother me.
*ice chewers.
homeboy wasn't even sitting in my office, he was a few down and i was about to go ape shit on him.

happy thursday!
i pretty sure i need a marg thursday soon.
it's been a long time.  too long.
Erin Marie Lucy??  Hello......



Ashley Mitchell said...

i wear the same pair of pants to work twice in a week for sure..and i only work 4 days a week.

Three things that bother me
*mumbling, can't. stand. it.
*people who use their teeth to open things
*old lady perfume, ick.
im in for a marg (beer) thursday, when!?

Anonymous said...

Under the first topic 3 things you are happy about...I have no clue what 2 and 3 are about. Completely lost. Maybe its IL talk or maybe I'm still under that rock that you just came out from, but I am lost! haha

Hi my name is Katie and I'm an ice chewer. :) Have you ever had Lion's Choice ice?? Soooo good! Just give it one try! Let's have a lunch date there SOON! :)

Brandy said...

Totally hooked on Hatfields & McCoys! Also, I absolutely wear my black pants to work more than once a week all the time.

Anonymous said...

PTL for Rendevous! My parents camp down there, not sure if you knew that or not but they have plenty of places to sit if you need a break from walking this weekend. ALSO, price for parking went down this year. From $7 to $5, whew!

Pants: I do wear a pair of pants 2 times. Holla on this short week, cause I am off tomorrow so I got by with wearing my last Friday pants on Tuesday and the pants I have on today I wore yesterday as well. My washing machine appreciates it :) Hey, I sit on my azz all day at work, they dont get dirty! They come off as soon as I get home from work.

Hatfields & McCoys: so Micah started watching it and I was like no f'ing way, I am not watching another western anything, but of course he is king of the remote and we watched it anyway.....and now I secretly LOVE IT! I want to watch it from the beginning to see all I missed. DONT tell him that though :)

Lara said...

This is so weird...While we were on vacation, Josh had to make sure we got back to the condo to watch the Hatfields & McCoys! I was to busy with kids to watch any of it.

I saw a story about denim and they said that you shouldn't wash your jeans for the first 6 months!

Sami said...

You are so funny! I have no idea what this Hatfield and McCoy crap is?! Am I living under a rock? That ecard is perfection!