Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

who is excited to find out every detail of my weekend?
put your hand down ashley!  lol. jk jk.
ha, i'm just going to apologize for the super boring wrap ups lately.
so here we go.
friday night, k&b came over.
highlight of the night would probably of been when stella came walking out of the bathroom with an empty toilet paper rolling using it as a du-ta-du and was so proud.
my first thought was, "where's the toilet paper that came off of that roll!!!"
ptl most of it was on the floor or in the trash can.  only some of it in toilet.
whew, note to self, the bathroom isn't a playroom.
saturday hen was up bright and early, once princess woke from her deep slumber we headed to ck.
hen sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time.
as you can tell, he was THRILLED!
bahahahaha - kidding.  but he did REALLY good in it.
we spent a good majority of that day outside playing.
stella did her weekly chores of mowing the sidewalk.
and heaven forbid homegirl let me put her hair in a pony......
and henry rocked the pink car.
there isn't anything better than a man confident in pink, right?! ;)
the evening was spent watching The Lion King and making homemade yogurt bites.
they were super easy and a huge hit.
however, i had a major blonde moment and put them in the fridge once we were done eating them.  ha, fail, in the morning, mush.  whoops.  probably shoulda put them back in the freezer.  duh!
sunday we were off for an early morning walk and then to church.
later than evening we headed to a bbq and to the park to play.
stella LOVED the park!  finally!!
she was a fan of doing whatever the big kids did.
even if that meant climbing to the highest slide in the park.
ayi yi yi.
and even henry enjoyed himself too.  he even cracked a smile!!
love you baby boy.
oh and mommy chopped her hair!  eeekk!
i'd say we had a good fun weekend and took full advantage of this great weather!
oh and yes katie, all of these pictures are via instagram.  ha, you're welcome.



Heather said...

That's all we get of the new haircut? A half picture? I'm calling bullshit...I want to see it all.

Cassie said...

honestly that's all i have of the hair right now. sorry. i'll work on a better self protrait. lol.

Ashley Mitchell said...

i totally raised my hand..lol.

Love Henry in the pink car. Oh what we do to our kids. :)

and yes...better pic of the hair!

Adrien said...

Love your haircut! I rarely even bother to put the darn toilet paper on the roll thingy anymore, because the girls WILL string it to kingdom come. What is it about toilet paper, haha?

Laura@everydayeasy said...

I've seen the yogurt bites on pinterest and wondered about them. I will have to give them a try!

Megan said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! My friend just made the yogurt bites and raved about them...now I will have to try them out!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Im reading it wrong or maybe its because I dont have kids but what does "using it as a du-ta-du" mean? I reread that part like 3 times. Still clueless!!

hahah Heni's face from the high chair picture cracks me up! "really mom that camera thing again?"

I bought yogurt in hopes of making those yogurt bites. Haven't done it yet.

Love Stella's outfit in the park picture, Love Heni's camo shirt and Love your haircut!!

sblind2 said...

OMG...Ashley! I had to hold my laughter in! lol

Stella's hair cracks me up!