Three Things Thursday

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Good thing I have fun friends who do link ups or else I would be one boring blogger this week.
Sorry for the blog funk.
Linking up with Heather
On with the things.....

3 Things I Have In My Purse:
1. A Build-a-Bear Gift Card
2. That horrible piece of mail you get saying you need to buy that ridiciously expensive sticker that goes on your car, $99!!
3. Three Target Gift Cards

3 Things I Am Addicted To:
1. Burt's Bee Chapstick
2. Arbonne Bronzer
3. Post Its

3 Things I Am Thinking About:
1. I shoulda ordered a Hot Salami sammie from Gioia's.
2. The deep dish Pi pizza I had yesterday.

3. After all this food I hope my pants still fit.

3 Shows I Can't Help But Watch:
1. Swamp People
2. Storage Wars
3. Ice Loves Coco
(embarrassing enough, I know)

Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I miss Burt's Bees chapstick!! I was highly addicted to that stuff.

That picture of Stella.....precious!!! Love that smile! :)

Heather said...

You have GOT to stop posting pictures of that pizza. That's the second time I've seen it and every time it makes my mouth water!

Thanks for linking!

Cassie said...

heather - to think i bought that pizza from a truck in a parking lot. bahahaha, ok it's not that bad. Pi Pizza actually has a food truck and it was amazing!! ah-mazing! next time they come back i will get one for you and drop it off!!

katie - thanks!!

Meagan said...

I think i gained five pounds just looking at that pizza but it looks sooo good & would definitely be worth all the calories!!

Heather said...

Reminds me of the pizza from Giordanos in Chicago...MMMMMMMMMMMM

Andrea Ingles said...

We went to Pi yesterday too!!