Lucky Seven

Friday, March 30, 2012

Lucky Seven

happy 7 months heni!!
seven months, seriously?  you are now closer to one than you are to a baby.
and lemme tell ya you have kicked your sister's stats to the curb.
you have five, yes FIVE teefers.
for awhile you totally had a front snaggle tooth.  ha, good thing it wasn't too noticeable.
and good thing you are cute.
you may be the ONLY boy i will ever love with a snaggle tooth.
you are still a little shaky sitting on the floor, but you rock a high chair and shopping cart.
i'm pretty sure if we had carpet you would be a crawling fool.
but laying down a blanket on the hard wood floors is kinda slippery.
you're a da-da saying baby and you make sure people know where you are with your squeals.
i have to admit i've never cleaned up someones throw up so much in my life.
you are totally going to be one of those kids.
and when you do puke, stella points it out for days.  ayi yi yi.
you rock at sleeping too, down by 8:30 up around 5:30.
we need to have a talk about the 5:30 thing mister.  i'd be cool with 6:30, ok?
and you are filling out some 9 month clothes.
you LOVE your sister and it melts my heart.
she can make you giggle all the way to your toes.
and you LOVE to steal her B.  funny thing is she totally lets you steal it.
now that's love if she will give you her B buddy.
but all and all you are amazing, perfect, happy, healthy and the only boy i trust.
love, mommy <3



Heather said...

OMG...That first picture in the second row is cracking my shit up...he looks like he's posing!

Such a cutie!

Nicole Hedden said...

Awwww. Happy 7 Months Henry!

What a cutie.

Cassie said...

bahaha - totally does.


Adrien said...

Happy 7 months to Henry! I love his super serious expression - cracks me up!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Too cute!

Katie said...

So sweet!!!

Happy 7 months Henry! :)

Kacie said...

Such a cute post! Love all those pictures!!

Lara said...

Time flies! Happy 7 months Henry! 5 teeth....HOLY SMOKES!!! He is ready for the real food.

Kim Luke said...

Happy 7 months Heni! I miss you more than words!!!
Lets have a playdate soon, okay?!!
I agree, I cant believe he has 5 teeth!!!! Lay doesn't even have 1 yet!! GO HENI! Steak on his 1st birthday?? i think so!