Three Things Thursday

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Things Thursday

linking up with Heather for her new gig.

let's see how this goes.

Three Things I Want But Don't Have:
yes clearly all wants, not needs.
but ohhhhh i'd lovie to have them!!

Three Things I Learned From Blogging:
comment moderation is a must do.
anonymous commenters are beeyas
write what you want to write, it's YOUR place

Three Things I Am Looking Forward To:
ok wait, really though:
Vegas for my Dad's 50th
BNO Wine Day
maybe a new vehicle, heck why not mine has 75k on it already!!

Three Blogs You MUST Read:
more like my daily must reads



Heather said...

I had to look up all of your wants except for the Sperrys. No idea what the other 2 were. Time to crawl out from under my rock I guess!

Ashley Mitchell said...

yay for BNO wine day! ESPECIALLY with the new hours!!

sblind2 said...

Have we set a date for BNO wine day?!?!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Yes, the 21st

Cassandra Johnson said...

You've been tagged! Go check my blog for details! :)