Confession Friday

Friday, March 16, 2012

Confession Friday

let's do this.....
i confess do not ever text your sister, "what happens when you eat bullets?"
she will call you in a frantic thinking someone in fact ATE bullets.
wtf?  really?!
when really it's just a joke.
you know, your hair grows out in bangs.
bahahahahah - gets me every time.  thank you ellen.
ok one more, another oldie but goodie.
how do you wake lady gaga?  poker face.
lol - ok, i'm done.

i confess i have SO much recorded on my DVR that i need to catch up on but it almost seems impossible.  i get 10 minutes into a show and homegirl wants to watch Barney on the TB.
yes, TB, ha, I don't even bother correcting her because i think it's cute.

i confess i'm the proud owner of some red skinnies.
and lemme tell ya they aren't joking when they say skinnies.
skinnies all the way up.
momma has some junk people, come on.
regardless i LOVE them.

i confess my daughter has been waking up with dry diapers lately.
my head is screaming start potty training.
however stella has ZERO interest.
speaking of potty training we were given some 4T Pull Ups the other day.
excuse me?  4T?  if i have a 4T STILL in pull ups, i need to have a come to jesus.

i confess i went to tequila's on wednesday and didn't get a marg.
that's right, i was very proud of myself.
ok wait, that totally makes me sound like a alchi.  promise i'm not.
they are just so.damn.good.

i confess pregos are popping up all over work again.
i swear it's in the water here.
one gets knocked up, next thing you know five are.
i'm bringing my own water from here on out.
and having a come to jesus with my IUD.

i confess these never get old, ever.

i confess my daughter was having her super fun terrible 2s moment the other day, you know when she only had a 20 minute nap.  she was being so bad that the neighbor guy behind us who never comes out of his house came out and said, 'you got your hands full there mom.'  ha, thank you so much old man.

i confess nothing sounds better than drinking wine in my backyard on sunday with my bffs after a baby shower.
it's much needed for ALL of us!
speaking of that baby shower i am picturing me, kim and kendra at a table with FIVE yes FIVE kids.  bahahahah - people are going to be starring.  hilarious.

oh and check out a new tab coming to the top of my page.
For Sale.
I went through my clothes/closet last night and I'm getting rid of some stuff.
alright, your turn, fess up.
enjoy this amazing weekend weather!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

I confess....i still eat those cheese and sticks snacks too, it's less than 100 calories! Why not!

I have bought 5 pairs of shoes in the last couple of months, and I STILL need some dress sandles for work.

I ate out for lunch 3 of the 4 days I worked this week...not good for my waist or my wallet.

Heather said...

I confess I am in desperate need of a single friend with no kids. LOVE all my married mom friends...which is ALL of my friends...but holy cow do I miss having that single friend that is always ready to go out and man hunt. I will be single forever.

sblind2 said...

I laughed when you talked about the 4T pull ups. I bought Brody the 3T plastic pants and they couldn't fit ME....I'm like what 3 year old is this big?!?!?

I confess that I love the red skinnies, but I don't have the guts to wear them. You look great in them!

I confess that I had to re read Ellen's jokes 3 times before I got the bullet one! LOL

Cassie said...

ashley i feel ya on the shoes, just bought two pair. whoops!

ha heather i know what you mean about that. even coming from a mom and wife, i think everyone needs that kind of friend!

Michelle P said...

Love your red skinnies!

Katie said...

I didn't get the bullet joke at first. Took me a minute! I would have called thinking someone ate a bullet also.

I LOVE those cheese and stick things. Im also a fan of the cheese and pretzel ones!

I confess Kathy & I went to dinner last night and our waitor points to Kathy and ask if she wants a peach tea and points to me and ask if I want a marg. I was excited because someone actually thinks I look old enough to have a marg!! First time for EVERYTHANG! I guess turning 26 really did a number on me. Kathy wasn't so thrilled. You couldn't see her baby bump when she was seated. I think he saw us walk in.

Laura said...

Save those 4T. I'm not saying that your 4 yr old will be in them during the day but maybe at night. Bart's been daytime trained since he was 2.5 & night-time trained since right before he was 3. Tad's been daytime trained since he was 2 & we are still working on the night-time thing. He'll be 3 in 3 weeks.