Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just a quick huge THANK YOU to everyone who sent e-mails, texts, etc yesterday/today.
you guys are amazing and your sweet kind words made bawl like a baby.
doesn't help that i'm a damn emotional mess anyways andddddd being a girl (ifyouknowwhatimean).
but seriously, this hard (insert your own choice of words) girl some people think i am, felt all kinds of love from you guys who reeached out.  and it was an out of this world amazlingly good feeling.
but don't you go telling a soul i can be a softie.  i have a rep to protect. 

in other news my not even 6 month old almost has four teeth.
one on the bottom is all the way through, while the other is still playing catch up.
and yes it looks super hilarious.
and his two top teeth are budding through too.  you can see the whites.
homeboy will be eating steak by his first birthday, hands down.