Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

let me just tell you my day started off good.
stella let me do her hair AND put her coat on.
can i get an amen?!?
even connie was shocked when we walked in.
ha, it's the little things in life people.
so on to the weekend....
friday night was stella's 2 year session at cb.
and JUST like everyone said, they were by far the HARDEST.
man oh man.
75% of the pictures i swear she is going to be eating in because we had to bribe her with food.
either that or she is not going to be smiling because why should she smile, she just wants to play.
i know anna does amazing work and will not dissappoint, but she is going to have to be a freaking miracle worker for these babies.
trying to get a family picture lasted a good 15 seconds.
ptl for barney.  anna turned on 'i love you' the last 10 minutes and homegirl sat there like a freaking princess.
ayi yi yi.
so two hours later we were headed home.  no one was going to cook so mcdonalds it was.
ps - mcdonalds toys for their happy meals are a total rip off now i days.
saturday josh was off to go to manly things at my dad's house and the kids and i hung out.
stella loves that we can take pictures on my iphone and see ourselves.
little did i know what she was doing.......
goofy butt.
henry has really fallen in love with his bouncer too.
ptl we didn't have too many meltdowns with sister this time around.
and mommy has really fallen even more in love with henry.
he looks so big and is just getting cuter and cuter.
you are my favorite little man heni, i just LOVE this picture!!
later that night we headed to evansville for a graduation party where stella was the center of entertainment.
everyone crashed hard that night and didn't wake up once.
sunday i was off to ck, then my bff called for a double date day.
we headed out after i got off work and had some fun!
it was a great ending to a nice weekend
and a fun much needed time with my bff!!


Kim Luke said...

I don't even remember taking pictures with your phone. I went through my pictures today and thought to myself "ha, Cassie won't have any embarrassing pictures of me to post on her blog" good thing it's decent!!! :)

and yes, love that picture of Heni. and that picture of Stell, OMG.. Hilarious!

Lara said...

Super cute picture of Henry! And YAY for 2 kids sleeping all night!

Adrien said...

Henry is changing so much - such a big boy! And oh, Stella...you're too funny! :D