Confession Friday

Friday, January 13, 2012

Confession Friday

oh hey there friday - i am PUMPED to see you!!
no joke, momma could use a day to sleep until noon.
no interruptions.  no dog, no daddy, no kids.
wait who am i kidding, i'm a mom, my mental clock is awake at 7:00 a.m. regardless.
oh well, on to the confessions.......

i confess the terrible twos have hit our house like a freight train!!
god give me the strength.
fun times.
homegirl thinks SHE needs to be in henry's jumper.
she was rolling around bawling on the flooring pointing to her chest saying...
"stellas, stellas, stellas"
sorry my dear, it's called sharing.  and no it's NOT stellas.
sarah, you asked yesterday if you can borrow her for your girl fix, so right ahead!
bahaha - you will return her in 15 minutes.
oh stella, good thing you are cute.

i confess that yesterday when i picked up my kids from the sitters, neither of them had coats.  which isn't news to anyone.  they just don't wear them.  but yeah i had a super come to jesus with myself, if there's snow, it's below 20, i should probably win the wrestling match in the morning and make my kids wear coats.  kinda felt like a bad mom.......

i confess that this was me at the doctor the other day.....
does anyone else ever think of this?
here i am in nothing but a big ass napkin and trouser socks.
do i leave them on and then i'm just wearing trouser socks?
do i take them off and then have those rings around my legs that are super embarrassing.
what do you do??!!?
i confess that when i look at this picture all i can think of is heni saying,
"baby, when i look into your eyes....."

i confess that i now know how long it would take me to get to work if i drove 30 mph the whole way.  1 hour and 45 minutes.  awesome.  thank you stl drivers who freak with one inch of snow!!

i confess i am addicted to trail mix lately.  the monster target brand kind.  oh my lawd, amazeballs.

i confess heni is a boob man.
lay him on the boobs, he out like a light.

alright, enough about my crazy life, confess away!
have a good weekend!!


Kim Luke said...

Landon was a boob man too. I cant get lay to fall asleep on my chest for anything, she likes to be cradled!

umm. definitely take off your socks. I bet Snowden laughed at you when he walked out of the room. lol

that picture of Stell CRACKS ME UP!!! Hahahaha!!! Oh Stellwa!

Sorry for being a party pooper last night. some things got under my skin and I just went to bed. hope you still lub me!!

Heather said...

I looked at Henry's pictures on the website and as soon as I saw that one with the "come hither" look I imagined your life in 15 years when he starts dating. Good luck with that.

I confess I had 2...yes 2...pieces of breakfast pizza from Casey's this morning. And I'm still hungry.

Christine said...

i love that target trail mix too. but ever look at the serving size? one bag is like 13 servings or sosmething ridiculous like that. yea right!!!

Adrien said...

Hehe, I'm going to go with socks off. :D

Love your caption under Henry's picture. So funny!

Ashley Mitchell said...

socks off. How funny would it have been if your dr. would have walked in as you were taking that

Katie said...

That picture of you at the doctor hahahah I didnt even read what you wrote yet. I just saw the picture and started laughing. Thanks for the good laugh!

Love the picture of Stella. Someone was NOT happy!!

sblind2 said...

I've kept socks on before - I bet those doctors could use a laugh or 2 during the day!!

Brody's new "terrible two" thing is to "yell" at me. He squats down and points his finger and "babbles something and makes a mean face" It's so funny!

Cassie said...

christine - i eat that shit like it's going out of style and i think i'm being all healthy cuz it's trail mix. FML! lol.

no socks? really. i was all for keeping them on. i'm sure the docs have seen worse whe it just comes to socks. but i'm sure they laugh. lol.

Erin said...

I have always been told to keep the socks on! Maybe more sanitary who knows.