I Never Know What She'll Say

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Never Know What She'll Say

happy hump day!!
and $3.99 margarita day!!

i HUGE apology to Henry!!
yesterday was 20 weeks for Hen Dog, and mommy TOTALLY forgot.
sorry buddy.
don't worry we celebrated by trying baby food, HOLLA!!
however heni wasn't a fan.
we tried carrots.  and honestly, i think stella ate more carrots than he did.
she wanted a bite, i looked at her and said, "you're so gross" and then put the spoon right in her mouth.
bahahaha, goofy butt.

so it's evident that stella and henry are bffs.
oh this picture cracks me up.
i can see stella saying "i'm crazy i'm crazy!!" and henry saying "i think i just shit my pants."
bahahahaha.  anyways.....
she wants him to do everything she is doing.
or she has to show him everything she is doing.
and he just could watch her and laugh and laugh.
it makes me heart feel really good.

so here's a few recent things stella has said/done:
of course the dance parties on our way home from work.  where she looks at henry while fist pumping and says "dance henry, dance."
or how she thinks henry should eat what she is eating, "french fry henry?"  and then tries to literally put it in his mouth.  which most of the time ends up pretty close to going straight up his nose.
or how when she is watching barney you tube videos she will walk over to henry and say, "see henry, barney."  ahh, it just melts my heart.
lately she thinks henry always needs to sit on his fnf when she sits on hers.  give him a few more weeks sis, he will be in your face before you know it.
henry has also been a grabber lately.  in the morning usually he is laying next to stella while i am getting her dressed and most of the time he ends up getting his hands on her hair, but don't fear, stella loves it.  she has even been heard saying "pull my hair henry."  bahaha, that'll change REAL soon i'm sure.
and she is always there to wipe the spit off on henry's face too.  of course she will totally call him out on it with saying "henry spit up, ewwww."  ha.  they will make great nursing home roomies someday.  lol.
she is also obsessed with every one's stuff being together.  like her juice cup next to mommy's "copy (aka coffee)" cup and then henry's bottle right in the mix too.
however homegirl is getting SUPER smart too.  we now order her half sweet half regular tea from mcdonalds, but duh mommy is still going to get full diesel sweet tea.  she now knows, well mommy's cup means business, to hell with my half and half drink.  damn.
ha and the best one yet is last night we got mcdonalds (i promise we don't get it that often, MAYBE twice a month), and the second i turned on my blinker to pull into the parking lot she yells, "french fries YEAH!"
thank you stella for making me laugh everyday, and for being the best big sister ever!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Aww..I love these.
I so understand how the things Stella does for Hen dog..lol..melts your heart. Zack is such a good big brother to Mason and it gives me the warm fuzzies. :) If only they would be like this forever.. bc I'm sure they will be at each other's throats before I know it. :)

Cassie said...

right! that's why i'm soaking it up now, because i'm sure there will be YEARS of nothing but fighitng. :(

bahaha, hen dog. i kinda has a nice ring to it. lol.

Adrien said...

Oh my, write down every word that girl says, because a year from now it will STILL crack you up when you re-read it. :D Love that picture!

Katie said...

Bahahaha Henry's face in that picture made me laugh out loud. Too cute!

Lara said...

I just can't figure out why kids are drawn to McDonalds. If we just drive by it Ty is yelling "cheeseburger" for the next mile! We don't even order him a happy meal, just a plain ole Mcdouble and he still can get enough!
Don't you just want to catch everything they say on video so then you can go back and watch it years from now.

Cassie said...

too funny lara!!
ha, yes! i could watch it over and over. they are hilarious!

Mindy Bradley said...

Henry's face kills me, I love it!!