25 About Me

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

25 About Me

i'm sure you all know plenty about me, but hey, what's a little more.
so here we go, 25 random things about me.....

1.  i always have my toes painted.

2.  i hardly ever wear socks.
yes, even with tennis shoes.

3.  someone once told me if you see a white nic on your fingernail that means you told a lie.
i am a FIRM believer in this statement.

4.  i like my coffee lighter than my skin.

5.  i have never broken a bone.
(knock on wood)

6.  i do not have a birth mark.

7.  i am a music junkie.  and lryic junkie.

8.  i say butcept, instead of except and silvaware instead of silverware.
no idea why, it just comes out like that.

9.  i HATE cats.  ugh.  they give me the hebbie jebbies.  i feel like they are always going to attack.
i pray my kids never ask for a cat.

10.  i was voted biggest ego in high school.
wow - speechless.  bahaha.
(wow i really used to love those red pants.....eeek)
oh sarah you just HAD to show this one huh?  lol.

11.  i have owned 6 cars.  i haven't even had my licenses for 10 years.  whoops......

12.  i can stand on dogs.  lol.
not really but isn't this just the craziest picture ever??

13.  the first boy diaper i ever changed was my sons.

14.  bath and body works sun ripened raspberry makes me wana puke.

15.  i am ridiculously self conscious about my front bottom tooth.
it's pushed back because i never wore my retainers.  i sometimes think i can just push it forward and back into place.  ha.  my dentist even says he will always remember me for that tooth.  ugh!  drives me bonkers.

16.  i am guilty of playing the leg guitar more than enough times.....

17.  my bff and i were not the best of friends in grade school, nor much of high school.
ptl we are now.
i mean we once were fighting and she was trying to leave and i had ahold of her car door.  she slammed it shut and i was pulling at the same time.  needless to say she lost when she was holding the door handle in her hand.  bahahaha.  whoops.  love you bff!!

18.  i have zero patience.  i want something, i want it now.  eeek.
i'm working on it.  trust me, being a mommy has helped tremendously.

19.  i pierced my own ears.  ok, they were pierced before when i was little but grew shut.  it wasn't until i was at hickey and people made fun of me for being 18 and not having my ears pierced, that i just did it myself.

20.  i usually wear lipstick every.single.day.

21.  getting a flat tire on the interstate is my biggest fear ever!!

22.  i have two tattoos and i want another REALLY bad.

23.  sometimes when i dress my kids i think, maybe we should all kind of match.
bahahaha - they will hate me for that someday.

24.  at work i kind of have an obsession with post its.

25.  i still buy cds.  yeah i am from 1999.  it's embarrassing.  i know it's called itunes, but i love me a good cd.

ok, that's it.  play along and share 25 random things about yourself.
anyone else want another tattoo?  let's go!!


Kim Luke said...

cracking up!!!!
FYI Everyone, I promise I didn't hit her with that bottle. that is a pretty intense picture though. lol

I have been looking at my nails for 5 minutes trying to find a white spot.. hmm. :)

Kim Luke said...
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Adrien said...

Haha, me too Kim. :)

I HAVE to have my toenails painted at all times, too. There's nothing particularly weird about my feet, but it kind of grosses me out to see my own unpainted toenails.

Ashley Mitchell said...

We haven't even hung out that much and I've seen you do the leg guitar. Lol
When I sing in the car, at the bar, anywhere, I raise my hand up like I'm Celine Dion or something.

P.S. Love the red pants ;)

Kacie said...

I want Brent to get his tattoo ASAP! I think he needs it BEFORE he turns 30! Me, still too chicken! :S

Cassie said...

adrien yes that's exactly how i feel. something about unpainted toe nails grosses me out.

ashley - bahahaha guilty.
i can TOTALLY see you doing the car thing. hilarious!!

kacie - let's go!! i will pack the malibu and diet and after a few drinks you will get one. yay!!

Katie said...

Sooo you wanting red skinnies is that so you can relive your high school days?!

I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 20 and Kristen held my hand while I fought back tears.