Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

you know i can barely remember what i did on friday, let alone go all the way back to wednesday night, but i will try my best.
wednesday work let everyone out at 2:30.  holla.
i ran by the mall and did some christmas shopping.
and one REALLY late birthday present shopping.
sorry sister.
got the kiddos, got home and chilled.
my sister and her bf came in town later than planned and by time they got to our house and we caught up no one was in the mood to go out.
so sorry to all of those i disappointed.
the couch was feeling really good.
and so were my jammies.
thursday we were up early and cooking.
headed to josh's aunt and uncles for lunch.
then my aunt and uncles for dinner.
drove a lot and ate a lot.
cried a lot.
bahahaha.  happy thanksgiving!!
friday i enjoyed sleeping in.
that black friday stuff is NOT for me.
however i had a new couch on my mind.
at 11:00 i went out and bought one.
hey hen!
in LOVE.
so comfy.  so happy.
don't judge the decor, we just moved it in, that's it.
still rearranging and buying new stuff.
that night we did a scavenger hunt with erin and brandon and we were home before midnight.
man we are getting old.
saturday josh worked, the kids were up bright and early and no joke, ANGELS all day.
momma was so happy.  we had such a good day.
josh came home and we literally did nothing the rest of the night.
ok, well of course we watched a shit ton of elmo.
and played naked with baby.
we worked on potty training this weekend too.
no luck.
just tons of toilet paper used.
my daughter has to be naked, head to toe, AND have toilet paper in her hand to sit on the potty.
high maintenance.
sunday stella and i headed out for some early morning shopping at target.
i got a ton of christmas presents which i am stoked about.
came home and wrapped them too.  yay!!
we threw some dinner in the crock pot, hung out, called kacie and brent to come over for dinner and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening with them.
props to good friends who don't say anything about your cooking.  i know it wasn't the best meal ever.
sorry guys!!
and then we called it a night.
hope you all had a great thanksgiving and weekend!!
and congrats to meagan on her new baby boy carson!!


Heather said...

Where did you get that couch!? I love it! It's exactly what I'm looking for to replace that high class one you saw in my living room.

Angie said...

I love that couch too....that is what I have on my mind once we build a house! Which of course will be in 32 more years, lol

Ashley Mitchell said...

The Thanksgiving pic..priceless!

Cassie said...

we got it this weekend from value city furniture.
comes in a few differnet colors, white, grey, brown and black i believe.

and they had 0% financing for 12 months if you need that.

Kacie said...

Supper was great!!! And the couch...IN LOVE!! I wish I had a bigger living room and did not have a new puppy or I would be going out to get one too!

Katie said...

I saw that first picture of Stella and Henry on facebook and cracked up. Too funny!

And that couch looks super comfy! Henry looks like he enjoys it :)