Guilty Pleasure

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

Good morning dolls.
Speaking of dolls, did anyone watching Kourtney and Kim Take New York?
Holy train wreck.  Someone please tell me again why Kim got married?
Frank (aka her ex-husband, aka Frankenstein) is a complete ass.
No one needs to be talked to the way he thinks its ok to talk to her.
But I just can't.stop.watching.
Guilty pleasure, The Kardashians.
Damn them.

Anyways, Momma was up at the crack of dawn today.
Hold that, maybe before dawn.
Hen was up chowing down on some bottle at 5:00 a.m. and wide awake.
So Momma got ready.  Then Stella was up, and snacking and then dressed.
We were loaded up in the car and to Connie's by 6:45.
Momma was at work at 7:40.
And yes, EVERYONE noticed.  Whoops.
You know you are late a lot when........
Anyways, I'm having a great day so far.
Besides being up almost an hour before my alarm, for some reason my Sirius radio is playing.
Momma didn't pay that bill, baby needs shoes.
But if it's Sirius' Christmas present to me I will take it.
And starting my day off with 'Fins' by Jimmy Buffet makes for a good day.
Guilty pleasure, Jimmy Buffet, especially Jimmy Buffet Radio.

But on to my REAL (semi embarrassing) guilty pleasure.......
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
I know I know, let me explain.
It's not the desire to want their bodies.
Ok, maybe just a little bit.
You have GOT to see what they go through months before the show.  Read about it here.
But really I LOVE it.
It's just the show all together.
It's such a pumped up show, I just want to dance the whole time.
It's a show my husband and I can watch together and not argue about.
It's the music.
It's ahhhh, everything.
Katy Perry and Akon put on one DAMN good show last year so the bar is set high for this year.
But I'm pretty sure Kanye, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj and Maroon 5 will not disappoint.
However, poor Beyonce.  All knocked up and her husband is performing at this fashion show.
Nothing like a self esteem boost, ugh, men.  Kidding.
So tune in tonight, CBS, 9:00 Central.
And come back tomorrow and tell me if you have a new guilty pleasure.
You will.  Promise.


Heather said...

LOVE the fashion show! I am addicted to anything Victoria's Secret, right down to their lip gloss.

Jackie said...

I don't that I have ever watched it....may have to tune into tonight!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Mason was up at 4:30 to eat. I mean, he would wither away with out it ;)

Ashley Mitchell said...

I just read how they prepare for the show. Holy Shit!! I would DIE!!

Cassie said...

ha, right like our big ole babies NEED food. ha, but when big baby is hungry momma gotta stop everything, he ain't messing around.

ha, lets hope our sons are friends, they will need each other's support. lol.

i know right!! i mean they are smoking hot but no effing way, i like my food!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Yes they will. :) I can't even hold him with one arm anymore :(

Adrien said...

Haha, I've never watched the fashion show, but I'm sure Eric wouldn't argue. ;) In fact, I might get a trip to VS out of it!

Cassie said...

there you go adrien, a win win! however with evie now picking up on everything lord only knows what she will say about what she sees on tv. lol. that would be an interesting post!! lol.

Melinda Bradley said...

Holy smokes, no solid food for 9 days! I don't know if I could do that! Even when I'm sick I always manage to eat, cause this girl loves food! :)

Katie said...

I also enjoy watching the Kardashians. Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Lamar & Khloe, Kourtney & Kim Take New York love them all!!

I heard about the VS fashion show tonight. I will probably be watching it also.

Kacie said...

My mom was sooo happy Saturday when I hit her Sirus radio button and it was playing...she has yet to renew so getting it "free" made her day!!

Cassie said...

ha, i know exactly how she feels kacie, i was stoked! lol.

melinda - i know right. momma needs food. no freaking way!

Erin said...

So happy to hear your love the VS show as much as I do...Oooh I can't wait :) enjoy!