Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I need to have a come to Jesus with a few secret followers real quick.
No one MAKES you read this blog but yourself.
You come here for a reason and obviously it's NOT a good reason.
And if you don't like what you read or what you see, then don't come back.
My life isn't perfect, it's FAR from it.
And if all you want to do is come here to be nosey and start shit, then do me a favor and don't come back.
Hide your crazy and start acting like a lady.
Please and thank you.

Ok, now on to the weekend.
Friday night was the lighted parade and oh em gee it did NOT disappoint!!
It was cold, but I bundled up my babies and we were ready to go.
Nana and Aunt Kacie and Uncle Buck joined us.
Everything was GREAT, minus the fact that I forgot gloves for Stella.
Her fingers came close to falling off.
Kidding, but they were COLD.
I felt horrible.  Mom of the year award, right here.
Uncle Buck was loving him some Stella and Henry time.
PTL for Uncle Buck, PTL.
And Stella was loving up on Aunt Kacie's boobs.
And Nana gave up her gloves for my poor little babies hands.
Of course I think Red Bud has the BEST Santa ever!!
And his debut into this years parade was perfect!
You make me believe Red Bud Santa.  lol.
After the parade was over we headed back home to warm up and say a little prayer that Stella's fingers didn't fall off.  PTL they didn't.
Saturday morning we were up bright and early and enjoying some CK breakfast.
And then headed home to chill.  We hadn't see PawPaw in awhile so we decided to do lunch with him and Aunt Lacie.
Aka Momma wasn't in the mood to cook all day.  Ha.
Aunt Lacie thought it would be funny to do this to Henry.
Feed. Me.
lol.  Poor Heni.  lol.
After lunch we headed home and Stella slept while I tried to find something to wear to my Christmas party later that night.  I was asking Henry what he thought of each outfit I put on.
PLEASE tell me that outfit is a joke.
It's fine, just pick something out already.....
lol - thanks Hen.
Once a decision was made and I was dressed and ready I packed everyone up and off to Grandma and Grandpa Walters we went.  They were staying the night.  Funny how you are with your second child.  I don't think Stella stayed over night anywhere until she was like 6 months, Henry, 12 weeks.  I promise it's not that we don't love you as much Hen, it's just that we are MUCH more relaxed now.
Once everyone was dropped off I headed to go pick up my hot date, my bff Kim.
And we were rocking the Hot Momma look:
 Thanks again bff for being my rent-a-date.  I couldn't have imagined the party without you.  You always know how to have a good time and make me forget everything else!
Sunday morning I woke up and it was weird.  It was quite, it was a full nights sleep, it was 7:30 and I was just now waking up.  As nice as it was, I wouldn't change having my babies there every morning for anything.  I was up and fueled with coffee and off to get my babies.
They had a great time and were perfect little angles.
Makes Momma proud.
We headed home and hung out all day while it rained and rained.
Stella put on a little fashion show with Daddy's shorts.
She had came to me and asked me to take off her shirt.  Then went running back into my room.  Then came out wearing Dad's shorts as a dress.  lol.  She had the biggest smile on her face and just thought she was so cute.  lol.  It was hilarious!!
We finished off the evening with some trash wings from Marys, that surprisingly didn't take forever to get.
And now we are here at a short 3 day work week, PTL!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Hide your crazy and start acting like a lady..hahaha love it! Some people need to get a life. Geez!

I only have a 2 day work week!! Haha Suckers!

I think next year we will have to come to this parade. Looks like it was a good time.

Heather said...

I think next year the lighted parade is going to involve me sitting in The Office with a nice cold beer. I was NOT loving it. I had taken a blanket to keep me warm, but my mom, Avery and Gage ended up sitting on it so I was left with a hoodie over a Tshirt. PTL for Bud Light. It kept me a little warm.

Adrien said...

Oh my gosh, Cassie...I have been dealing with blog trolls forever. They're persistent little turds, too. Don't acknowledge them in the least and just delete their comments and they'll eventually go away.

Love that Red Bud Santa, too! I can't wait for the girls to get their pictures this year. :)

Anonymous said...

this mama forgot gloves for her little girl too....thank goodness for them grandmas giving up their gloves. :) My mama gave hers up for Megan and she looked HILLARIOUS :)

sblind2 said...

We missed the Red Bud lighted parade, but I heard it was a lot better than last years! Saturday December 3rd Columbia has theirs!! =) Feel free to come on up!!

Erin said...

We should have met up at the lighted parade! We were in front of Sportos saving room for my sister in law that never came down there. it was great. Lyla did love it. And I ran inside to pee and missed like the last half because there were two girls in front of me that took their sweet time. Oh well :/ I liked it. and so did my baby.
I want to know who your secret followers are.. I don't think I have any I am not that cool.. and I don't post that much either. lol. Some people are just a little too obsessed with other people's lives/relationships.
I wanted to take Lyla out and about yesterday but it was just so nasty out. I am afraid for her to meet Santa!

Kacie said...

I had so muh fun at the parade! Really put me in the Christmas spirit! Thank you for the invite!
I am glad you and Kim had fun at the party....Brent really wanted to be your hubby for the evening :) anytime you new him, I'll share!
Have a great short week!

Beth said...

Hide yo crazy, gurrrrrl! And hide yo kids, hide yo wife...and hide yo husbands, too - sorry, that was awesome.

I swear when I read that part my first reactions was to bring my fist up and snap my fingers like "What now!?!?"

Cassie said...

Ashley I think your boys would LOVE the parade. Come next year!!

Heather - you are a wuss. lol. jk.

Adrien - I feel ya sister.

Angie - bahaha, I'm sure Stella looked the same, she kept looking at her hands like wtf are these and they are they so big?!!? lol.

Kacie - me too!! ha, thanks!

Beth - oh goodness girl you crack me up!! bahahaha. lol.