Confession Friday

Friday, November 18, 2011

Confession Friday

First off sorry for the no post yesterday.
I was busy.
I apologize to those who checked my blog 13 times yesterday.
cough Erin cough
I will not let you down today.
Let's just start off by saying homegirl is just NOT feeling it today.
Work Christmas party tomorrow, and hubs decides this morning that he just doesn't wana go anymore.
He NEEDS to get a deer.
Loser, Party of 1, attending my Christmas party ALONE.
So yeah, everyone wants to wake up to that and start their day.
PTL for coffee.
And vodka.
Kidding, kidding, kidding.

So on to the confessions......
I confess that my babies are staying the night at Josh's parents on Saturday night and I am super sad.  I know it's good and everything will be fine, but I LIKE waking up to my babies every day.
I'm pretty sure I will be there by 8:00 to get them.

I confess that I REALLY want to put my house on the home tour next year.
But I have a TON of projects I need to do first.
Hey Dad..........!!

I confess that sometimes just getting things off of your chest to a girlfriend is all you need.
And sometimes the truth hurts, but sometimes you need it to wake up and smell the roses.

I confess that I bought this shirt at Target yesterday.
and I might just be going back to buy it in all the other colors too.
oh my word it's so COMFY!!
it's dressy, but yet sweatshirt-y.
get you one.
and no, i'm not pissed off, yes that's a lot of grey, and yes this is a dressing room picture.
that's how i roll.  lol.

I confess that I bought this for Henry as part of his Christmas outfit and I am in LOVE!!
adorable right!!
and the sleeves are already rolled.
homeboy be getting all the ladies!!
i'm teaching him young to be a good dresser layla, just for you girl!!

I confess that I don't brush Stella's teeth everyday.  Is that wrong?  I mean she has A LOT of teeth, but sometimes in the morning we are just running late.
And MOST of the time I just give her her toothbrush while she's in the tub.
Hey, its better than nothing.......right?!!?
PS when are you supposed to start taking your kids to the dentist??

I confess PTL that Breaking Dawn is out and people can FINALLY go see it.
I am over hearing about it.
Sorry friends, but I am.

Alright, I don't have anything else.
I'm SUPER excited for the lighted parade tonight in town and this Christmas walk this weekend!!
I LOVE my town at Christmas time.
Oh yeah and I'm also thinking Meagan is having that baby sooner than she thinks.  I say baby by Sunday FOR SURE!!  Good luck Meg!!
Now fess up!


Ashley Mitchell said...

I confess that I also checked your blog 13 times yesterday for a post.

I confess when I saw that pic of you and there were no fat rolls I cussed you. :)

I confess the pair of heels I bought just 3 months ago already smell so bad I can smell my feet when I'm sitting at my desk and they are ON my feet. How do I fix this?! Help!

Meagan said...

Umm...I NEED that shirt!!

I confess that I haven't slept in the same bed as my husband since I don't know when! I try to but I just can't get comfortable so one of us always ends up on the couch.

I'm not convinced about baby before Sunday yet! The pressure is pretty much gone for the time being & so are the few contractions I did have last night.....guess we will see though!!!

Meagan said...

P.s. I have the same exact problem as Ashley, especially with my flats!

Cassie said...

me too ashley!! is it because you don't wear socks? i NEVER wear socks and my feet STINK! lol.
honestly if people get too close to my desk i am like, fair warning i have my shoes off and my feet stink. lol.
my answer to fixing it, buy new shoes! ha, works for me! lol.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Yep. No socks. And I tell the girls at work the same thing!!
I normally buy new shoes as well but they are only 3 months old! Oh well. :)

Kacie said...

I am SOO excited to see you tonight! Lighted I come! And now all I want to do is go to Target to get some of those "shirts!!" I love dressy comfy stuff, you can dress it up or down! Looks like thats where I am headed Sunday! :)

Jackie said...

I confress that I totally want to put my house on the home tour next year too! I just love christmas and I have a ton of decorations! I just don't think Eli will be all about it!

I confess that I can not wait for black friday..I am so excited about it this year...I am going the queen of Black Friday, my sister! Whoop Whoop!

sblind2 said...

I confess that I don't wear socks either and my feet RRReeeekk too!

I confess that I'm also over hearing about Breaking Dawn

I confess that I bought 2 pairs of jeans yesterday at The Limited...and I"m IN love with their jeans! Buy one get one FREE is going on now!!

Adrien said...

Love the shirt! But I just got two huge packages in the mail for ME and I think Eric would have a conniption if I spent any more money on clothes, haha.

Have fun tonight at the parade! Wish we were going....

Cassie said...

ashley - they are there, TRUST me. fml.

kacie - i can't wait to see you either!!

sarah - buy one get one FREE!! wth! i need to go there!

sblind2 said...

YES, FREE....I mean granted one pair was $74 and the other was $69, but I also had a $10 off coupon so I walked out with 2 pairs of jeans for $60!!

Anonymous said...

That shirt looks amazing. I might have to go try it on. Longer shirts like that make me look like Im 4 foot.

I confess I dont know what a "home tour" is. Are you wanting to sell your house???

Cassie said...

lol katie i could totally see that. too funny. good news they come in xs so that might help!!

ha, the home tour. well every year during christmas like five houses in town decorate their house and people can buy tickets to just walk through it. kinda creepy, yes i know. but you are there too. lol. BUT if you do ever want to sell your house it is a good way to get people to come look at it.
make sense?

Anonymous said...

Got it! It's less creepy since your in a small town and know pretty much everyone.

Melinda Bradley said...

I confess I totally bought that shirt last week...LOVE!

I would also like to know when to take my little one to the dentist. He's almost one and has eight teeth!

Andrea Ingles said...

I so wanna be on the home tour too when our house is completely finished! So many older people have been in our house since it used to be a store years ago...I think they would all love to see it now!!

Cassie said...

Andrea - you SO SHOULD!! I would love to see it!

Melinda - Kacie asked her Aunt Kelly who works at the dentist office and she said to bring them in when they are 3!

Erin said...

I really liked that shirt when you wore it the other night.. so much that I did buy it. in two colors. booya. I really want to put my house on the home tour too.. Brandon says NO. lol. but I think the old people would be amazed that we did all this to it. I would def want to get some more of the paneling out first though :/
I may have been a little blunt the other night.. lol but I do it out of love I swear.. and that's why you love me!
I confess I haven't started on your library yet. but I have a great plan that keeps switching.
I confess that Lyla keeps sticking her hand in the toilet. Thank God there has been nothing in it.. yet.
and yes.. I did check your blog 18 times the other day. I was bored!
Oh, and all this breaking dusk stuff makes me want to go to the movies!! but not to see that. no.