Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Nothing like a Tuesday Weekend Wrap Up.  Sorry folks. 
First off, for many of you who have been in my kitchen over the last probably YEAR, yes I said year, you would be happy to know we are no longer redneck.  The third drawer is FINALLY fixed and put back in.  Yep, that's right we are the classy people who literally were missing a drawer in their kitchen cabinets.
But not no mo'.  PTL.
And a big thank you to all of our friends who did not judge us for being uber classy during this time.
Anyways, on to the weekend.
Friday night we bough a house.
Wait, what?
Ha, no no, no second mortgage.
The contractor on this house is Little Tikes.
Momma scored this house at a yard sale at the end of our street for $10.
A little cleaning and we have one happy Stella!
Our whole evening was spent playing and cleaning this house up.
Ok and well maybe a trip to the grocery store to stock up on the necessities.....
Cookies and Milk.
And a cutie patutie
Necessities I tell ya.
Saturday of course Daddy was off to hunting.  The kids and I pretty much hung out in our PJs all dang morning.  And of course enjoyed some Elmo (for the 19383298 time).
Aww, brother and sisterly love. <3
PS - Elmo is coming to the new Peabody Opera House in downtown STL in January for any other Moms out there who have kids obsessed with Elmo.  And was I wrong to assume $25 for a ticket?  I guess so, the damn things are $40 a ticket!  And if you have celebrated your 1st birthday you have to buy a ticket.  I thought we could take Stella for her birthday for under $100, nope, looks like we will need to bump that up to $150.
Oh well, Stella gets what Stella wants!
Once Josh got home, Stella and I ran a few errands while Henry and Josh slept in the chair.
Yes, Daddy has it made.  Hunt in the morning, sleep in the afternoon.
After we got back we changed clothes and headed to Kathy and Matt's house warming party in St. Charles.  The kids did AMAZING on the long car ride.  Thank you babies.  And we LOVED Kathy and Matt's new home.  Stella however made herself right at home and may have just been the life of the party.  lol.
Sunday I was back to the grid at CK bringing home the big bucks.
My bff Kim pulled me out for a much needed Sunday Funday with Erin and Sarah and we had a BLAST!
Perfect way to kick off my birthday week!
You know it's a good night when a man by the name of Bear takes you home.
Bahaha.  Oh Lord......
And for the two of you who wished me a Happy Birthday on FB this morning, it was a good laugh, but no more, please!  Let me enjoy my last few days of 24.  I do NOT want to be 25 just yet.  lol.
Hope you all had a great weekend.  I don't know about you all but I am OVER this rain.  It's supposed to be crisp fall weather, not wet.
Oh well.
Have a great week!


Ashley Mitchell said...

I agree. Where is the crisp fall weather!
Stella with the cart: too cute!

Heather said...

So mad I didn't go on Sunday. But I feel better this morning so no more staying home!!!

Do what I do and just add a +1 to your age...then you won't be 25 til you're ready. You'll be 24+1.

Adrien said...

Stella is adorable with that cart! I love that you have a whole birthday week. I'm not having anymore birthdays, so I wouldn't know anything about that. :)

Cassie said...

I'm not having anymore after this one Adrien either. This one should consider itself lucky because I didn't even wana have it. Damn you 25! Damn you! lol.

Katie said...

That picture of Stella shopping is so cute :) I wish I could go to the grocery store and only need milk and cookies!

Andrea Ingles said...

I recognize that house. :) Jay snuck in a time or two!!