Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I can't help but LOL every single time someone writes on my FB today and tells me Happy Birthday today.
Bahahaha, I do not get it!!
I checked it out and it says that my birthday isn't until Thursday.
And last year it was on the 10th, and the year before that it was on the 10th too.
Ummm, is it a leap year this year and made it on the 8th?
Bahaha, kidding.
Crazy.  Weird.  And Hilarious.
So Dear Facebook Friends Who Have Wished Me a Happy Birthday Today,
Thanks!!  But ummm, today's not my birthday.
(Wow, does that make me sound ungrateful or what?)
Oh well, wouldn't be the first time I was called out for being crazy this week.
Oh well, Happy Birthday or not, this makes me laugh out loud.


Heather said...

You share a birthday with my mom. We are taking her to Tequilas Friday night.

Anonymous said...

I saw that people were wishing you a happy bday on fb. My first thought was DONT RUSH HER TURNING 25!!!

Cassie said...

some very cool people were born on that day! miranda lambert's born on the 10th also!

ha, thank you katie!! my thoughts EXACTLY!!

Lara said...

Well you do celebrate all week, right? I guess all those people want to join in the fun, lol.

Christine said...

I was going to wish you a happy b-day on FB, but I'll wait on that now that I read this! Ha! Hope you have a great birthday... You are a scorpio, just like me! Mine is on the 12th.