Confession Friday

Friday, November 11, 2011

Confession Friday

I don't even know how to start this one today.
Let's just say PTL for Friday.

I confess that I need to straight up write a reminder on my hand about Bunco tonight.
I have honestly forgotten about it all week.
I confess that my "dish" for bunco tonight might come straight out of a bag.

I confess that I'm wearing high waters today and its driving me bonkers.
Everyone is noticing my new TOMS and all I can think about when they are looking at my shoes is that they are totally thinking damn her pants are short.
Bahaha.  F.M.L.

I confess, HOLY iPhone!!  Talk about an overload.
I know I'm just not used to it yet but wow-wee that's a lot to take in.
PS - anyone have any cool apps I should get let me know.

I confess that the first app I downloaded was Pinterest.
Hi, my name is Cassie and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

I confess that I'm so glad Erin is my friend.
She makes me laugh all the freaking time.
Especially whens he straight up calls a guy a creep.
Bahaha, love her!

I confess that I eat ketchup straight up outa the packets.
Gross I know.  But I just LOVE it.
And then I think about all of the hands who have touched that packet that I just shoved in my mouth.
Even grosser.

I confess that I was SO proud of Stella last night.
She just sat in her chair at Tequila's like such a big girl and was so good.
Best birthday present she could have given me!!
Thank you baby!!

I confess that I truly believe Henry will have teeth soon.
He's a drool monster!!
I also confess that my ALMOST 11 week old eats 6 ounces, with cereal in his bottle, every 3-4 hours.
Boy don't mess around.
He loves his food.
I also confess that I couldn't imagine breastfeeding this boy.
As much as he eats, no freaking way.
Makes my nips hurt just thinking about it.

I confess that this is my new motto:
Now fess up!
Have a good weekend!!


Katie said...

I confess that this is now my second time coming to your blog and noticing that you posted it less than 60 seconds from me clicking on it. I sweat I do not sit around and wait for you to blog. PROMISE...kind of. :)

The ketchup comment made me gag. I thought of Big Daddy instantly. "frankenstein what do you want to ear? 30 packets of ketchup!"

One more than Erin IS a girl. Pretty sure you called her a 'he'

Katie said...

I swear not sweat! bahahaha :)

sblind2 said...

There is a cool Black Friday App! I love my new iphone. Do you have Siri?

Cassie said...

bahaha, katie you ARE a super creep. lol.

erin - sorry, i know you are a girl. whoops!

sarah - WTF is siri? e-mail me lady and example. i am iphone dumb. lol.

Adrien said...

I confess that I have an iPhone and I use hardly any apps at all. I only have one because I get Eric's hand me downs when the new models come out, haha. Of course now that I've used one for years I don't think I could ever go back....

Heather said...

I confess that I feel really out of the loop because I don't have an iPhone. But I am planning on getting an iPad on Black Friday so :P

I confess that I have high waters and I wear them when I want to wear flip flops.

Christine said...

sounds like carter's feeding schedule! actually - he is at 7 oz, 4x a day (plus food 2-3x a day). but he is almost 7 months! i think henry will be a big boy!

Lara said...

I confess Max ate 8oz the other night before bed.
I confess being hooked up to this breast pump every 3 hrs is getting old but on a good note...I have beat every level of angry birds. It is the best way to pass the time:)

Erin said...

This just cracks me up. Lol. Hey, I am all about calling people out right to their face, you know. Creeps. And stella was so good the other night and cracked me up. She's kinda a sneaky little one.. then just flashes a grin.

Katie said...

I confess that when I was little and we got McDonalds, I would sit in the backseat and eat ketchup out of the packets.

I confess that I'm probably getting Jake's old iPhone4 when he gets a new phone and he threw it at me the other day so I could play a game on it but it hit the floor because I wasn't even paying attention. I got really mad because that's my future phone he's breaking.

Cassie said...

lara - i just laughed out loud. hilarious!! but yeah b-feeding is SO hard with two kids!!

katie - YES!! i love hearing about other ketchup packet lovers! lol.