Thursday, November 10, 2011


The day has come folks.
I shaved my 24 year old legs for the last time last night.
(And well for the first time in probably a good two weeks.)  Whoops.
And tucked my young butt into bed.
I woke up this morning being smack dab between 20 - 30.
Tomorrow I will officially be closer to 30.
HELLO 25!!
I can now rent a car.  Ha, it's the little things in life.
Anyways, all I can say is so far my day has been PERFECT!!
Momma is one HAPPY HAPPY girl!
I have been showered with....
a lovely lunch at JJs :)
a good chunk-o-change
the new Miranda Lambert CD
(which I rocked out to all the way to work this morning, LOVE IT!!)
a gift card for a mani/pedi from my babies <3
(can never go wrong with that!)
a new iphone
 (ok, only because of my promotion at work, but I'm getting it today so it feels like a bday present from my work, lol).
some sweet new TOMS
(looooooovvee them!!)
an adorable shirt from Maurices
(thanks for the sis for working there!)
a starbucks gift card
(i see a PSL in my hand VERY soon)
and a bottle of skinny girl margs along with a cute cute marg glass from a coworker
(ps do you know how tempting it is to stare at a bottle of SGM at 8:30 in the morning?!?!  HARD!)
So see what I mean - LIFE IS GOOD!!

And now an extra special treat for you all today. 
I have a guest blogger, my Momma.  Here to share my birthday story.  Take it away Mom.......
Hello to Cassie's blogger family!  I asked Cassie if I could be her guest blogger today since I read some of your blogs and hear the details of the events of you giving birth to your children, so I thought I would share the story of Cassie's.
It is very hard to believe that 25 years ago, yes I said that out loud, I was pregnant with Cassie.  Some of you may have figured out that I was quite young when Danielle was born, much to my surprise I got pregnant again.  Yes, I was on the pill, some people kept saying didn't you just have a baby, don't you know how to prevent that.  YES, I do know, but God had a different plan.  So it was a very uneventful 9 months.  I gained about 30 lbs, not bad for just having a baby less than a year ago.  So Cassie was due Nov 4th.  At the time my mother worked at Sparta Hospital and she was very good friends with our wonderful Dr Coulter.  I kept wanting to have Cassie in October, why you ask?  Because November has the UGLIEST birth stone.  I begged Dr Coulter to induce me but had no luck, in those days the Dr was in charge not the Momma.  It was Nov 9th, and I was waddling around at a family party at the Henry farm.  Chris, Cassie's Dad wanted to play poker that night.  Really?  I was pissed, first I was over due and he was going to be drinking, I wish and prayed for labor. I got my wish, at 5:30 in the a.m. I awoke with my water leaking and my pains were 5 mins apart.  I woke up Chris and we dressed Danielle to take to Grandma and Grandpa's Steibel.  We headed to the hospital.  Sure enough I was in active labor at 11:00 a.m. "Baby Girl Steibel" entered the world at 9 lbs 14 3/4 oz 20 inches long.  No small baby.  The sad part was baby girl Steibel did not have a name.  We could not decide on a name for her.  So the next day Grandma and Grandpa Steibel came.  Dad and Danielle were there and we needed to pick a name for this baby girl.  Out came the baby books, I liked Cassandra, sad news Dad did not think he would be able to spell Cassandra, so we decided on Cassie for long and Cassie for short.  Ann was the middle name for Grandma Steibel.  Yes, you have heard Cassie make many comments about her name but it has always fit Sassie Cassie.  She came home to a very loving big sister, Danielle.  No Danielle is not adopted from Guatemala.  Yes, they do not look anything alike but you will never find sisters or daughters that are closer than Danielle Cassie and Lacie.  Don't get me wrong they have had their ups and downs.  My favorite comment was when Danielle looked at Cassie once and said "If you weren't my sister I would hate you!"
My heart swelled with pride when you graduated from high school and college.  My heart broke when you showed me your first tattoo.  My heart melted when your father walked you down the aisle to become Mrs Cassie Walter.  I cried tons of happy tears when you became a mother to Stella and Henry.  Yes, sweet pea you make mistakes, we all do.  But your husband, children and family love you just the way that you are.  So Cassie Happy 25th Birthday, you have lived 1/4 of your life!!! I love you Mom.
Thanks Mom!!
And thank you all for the birthday wishes I have gotten already (even the ones two days early, lol).
I am so blessed with amazing family, friends, coworkers, and bloggers!!

And well, because I can't get too sappy on everyone I have to throw in something funny.....
Bahahaha.  SO TRUE!!


Meagan said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday to me...and it's still early!!

Love that your mom didn't want you to be born in November because of the birthstone...I know exactly how she feels & now I'm going to have 2 kids with an ugly ass birthstone!!

Happy Birthday...25 isn't that bad, it's 26 that will push you over the edge!! :)

Kacie said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope your day continues to be as amazing as you are!
Tina, I love that story!! So sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

VERY sweet post from your mom :) Had a few little tears in my eyes :) Happy birthday to you! enjoy your day!
& holy moly- I dont ever get anything near that for gifts, you are a lucky lady!

Kim Luke said...

thank you Angie. Glad I'm not the only one with tears rolling down my face while reading it!! LOL
Holy big baby you were Cass! haha
and Danielle's comment, hahah I could totally see her saying that!!!!

Happy 25th Bday bff. can't wait to celebrate with Margs tonight!!!!

ps. good hubby!! ;)

Heather said...

Geeez...Talk about an emotional post! What a good momma you have!

Happy Birthday girl! Don't let 25 get ya down...you still get to say you're in your 20's!!

Katie said...

Tina you have me crying at work!! That was soo sweet! Love it!!!

Happy Birthday Cassie. I hope you enjoy your day(week)!!

Emily said...

Thanks for the tears to start my day...LOL

Happy Birthday!!

Adrien said...

LOVE it! Sounds like you're having an amazing birthday so far! Happy Birthday!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

TEARS! So sweet! That's a good momma you have. Happy birthday!

Mary Cavalier said...

Tina - love the memories. I teared up too (but I tear up at anything - ask my daughters).
Cassie- listen to your mama!

Katie said...

It's true...she cries all the time. Unfortunately, I'm becoming more like her in that aspect as I get older. Cool idea to have your mom tell your birth story :) Happy birthday!

sblind2 said...

What a great blog...I even teared up at your birth story!! =) Happy Birthday!!

Jackie said...

Yeah I agree...what a great post! Happy Birthday....25 isn't so bad!!! Have a great rest of the day!!!

Cassie said...

thank you all SO MUCH!! much love!!

Andrea Ingles said...

Hope you had a great day! P.S. You also get cheaper car insurance...woo!

Crystal L said...

Happy Birthday (a day late)! Hope you had a fantastic day and evening!
Absolutely love the post from your mom...so sweet and yes I even got teary eyed.
I hated the November birthstone growing up...I only have two things with my birthstone, a ring my grandma gave me and my class ring. I remember getting the ring from my grandma and thinking how ugly that color was...then I realized it was my birthstone that I was stuck with for life. :)