Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Ahhhhh, what a great weekend to be a Cardinals fan and live this close to St. Louis.  It was amazing!!  People are STILL celebrating, wearing red, you name it.  I almost still feel inclined to give out high fives.  lol.  I think my favorite quote of Friday night hands down was,"'Freesus Christ!"  lol. 
So on to the weekend.... (fair warning, picture overload).

Friday afternoon at work we had a Halloween party.  So I left after lunch and got the kids from the sitter and drove them back to the office.  Of course, two kids, by myself, one needed to be fed, and both needed to be dressed in their costumes still, I was worn out before we even got started.  And do you think I remembered to bring a bag for candy?  Of course not.  PTL for the amazing and experienced office Moms, they take good care of us new Mommys around here!!  Of course taking a picture of everyone dressed up was NOT gona happen since I was carrying around Henry and trying to keep Stella from pulling her costume off.  We did pull of a half way decent picture of a good majority of the kids.....
i think it's fair to say there is something in the water at SMW, holy babies!!
there were around 20 kids on the list and over half of them were under the age of two.
don't drink the water at work, or else.....lol.
and they also turned a few cubicles into a pretty cool graveyard and little haunted maze.
we work hard here.  lol.
but after two floors or treating and a sack full of goodies, momma needed a break.  so we headed back up to my office, of course, you tubed elmo and relaxed.
we then packed up and headed home, momma had Reba to go see!
of course we were running late to the concert because that's how we roll, but oh well.
we got there in enough time to see The Band Perry, the last of the three opening acts.
whom by the way was GREAT!  i think i need their CD.
and then of course took a few pictures during intermission.
especially of these ladies.
bahaha, nice hats ladies. 
white, red, pink, blue, you name it these ladies all knew they were looking good.  LOL.
of course we didn't sit in the seats we paid for, we saw a section with a ton of open seats and moved our butts down there.  and good thing we did because we found Katie and Kathy.
no joke, people must have just thrown their tickets in the trash and either stayed home to watch the game or went downtown.  i kinda felt sorry for Reba.  there were quite a few open seats.
and you could tell people were checking their phones for the scores.
and TONS of cardinal red in the stands.
well, besides Lisa the birthday girl.
because it was her birthday she could wear whatever color she wanted.  lol.
and then it was time for Reba.
and holy skinny minnie!!  no joke.
i want to be her age and not have that spot on my legs where they touch together.
goal in life for sure!
however come the 9th inning of the game, down to the last 3 outs, that placed cleared half way out.
everyone was out in the lobby watching the game.  and then all hell broke lose and everyone went crazy!
swigging beer straight from the tap.  shit was getting crazy!  bahaha, i kid i kid.
we apologized to Reba, but she said she understood and we hightailed it downtown to celebrate!!
action shot running to the car.  bahaha.
we may have sat in traffic, but even traffic was fun!  everyone was on cloud freaking nine!
parking was a huge bish, but well, we kinda drove down the sidewalk a bit, stopped traffic for a few seconds and ran over a parking block, but we got a great parking spot!
people were freaking everywhere.  everyone was high-fiving, woohoo-ing, cheers-ing, everything.
it was amazing!!
after a long night of partying we all made it home safe.
of course it was my night to get up and josh was going hunting in the morning.  fml.  oh well.
grandpa came over....
and then we did a whole lot of this the entire rest of the day
no i don't know what happened to Stella's shirt.
yes Henry thinks we are crazy.
and yes that is marker all over Stella's legs.  hey, better her legs than my coffee table, right?
Sunday I was back to the grid at CK.  My first day back since having Henry.  And it was nice and busy and Momma was lovin' it!  We finished the night off with a trip to Target where I had my biggest savings yet using coupons.  Drum roll please......
this my friends is why i freaking LOVE coupons!!
hope you all had a great weekend.  have a safe and happy Halloween tonight!!
i haven't even bought candy yet to pass out.....whoops, better get on that.
have a great week, Momma is ONE HAPPY lady today, life is good!!  PTL!


Heather said...

Fun post!! Loved all the pictures! I was wondering how The Band Perry would be in concert.

Cassie said...

they were really good. they did a lot of other bands songs like queen and stuff. it was good!

Adrien said...

Love it! Your Friday wears me out, but what fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I had fun at Reba and downtown after the game!! Even though I was NOT excited to jump a crub in my car. Sorry I forgot to lock my car with "homeboy" standing right next to it and made everyone wait while I ran full force back to my car! Better safe than sorry!!

Will we get to see a picture of Stella and Henry in their costumes?? I pray neither are a clown.

YAY coupons!!!

Cassie said...

bahaha - oh katie, you crack me up. i would have done the same thing with homebody right there. lol. too funny.

i hope so! and no, no clowns, PTL!

Kim Luke said...

I had fun Friday! Thanks again for inviting me!!

I have the band perry cd. I'll burn it for you!!

And I am still proud of you & Katie for jumping the curb!! lol

Blake & Justin are coming soon.. who's in?!?!!?

Kim Luke said...
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Jackie said...

What a weekeend!.....Nice job on the savings!!!!