Confession Friday

Friday, October 28, 2011

Confession Friday

Let's get right on into this....

I confess that I did NOT stay up and watch the game last night.  Oh.em.gee, don't start the hate comments.  Momma is freaking tired.  And trust me, I caught MORE than enough of it on the news this morning.  You know, since I've been up since 4:30......

I confess that I will NOT be watching the game tonight either.  GASP!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some Cardinals, but I'm going to the Reba concert instead.  Yep, be jealous.  And I'm sure downtown is going to be rocking after the concert so it's going to a be a two for one for me!  YAY!

I confess that Momma needs to lose some weight, pronto.  It ain't cute.  I'm eight weeks post partum, was 20 pounds lighter at my six week check up and I STILL don't like the way some clothes fit.  AND I'm less than two weeks from  being 25.  I think I'm just going to go over in the corner and cry.......

I confess that I'm just totally at that point with my husband where I just don't even say anything anymore.  I don't even give the look, nothing.  I just get up and do it.  I don't even waste my breath and I'm tired of repeating the same things over and over.  His loss.

I confess that I JUST got pumpkins yesterday.  Whoops, nothing like three days before Halloween.  Here's to hoping they at least get carved.  Because I do love me some roasted pumpkin seeds.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.

I confess that I got spit up on, no joke, TWO seconds before I was getting ready to leave the house yesterday.  And I honestly contemplated NOT changing my shirt.  Ha, lazy?  No.  Running late?  Surprisingly no.  I really just did not care.  No worries, I changed it.  Why does this ALWAYS happen when you LOVE what you are wearing?  Oh well.

I confess for the first time EVER, I got gas and the next day it went UP.  This NEVER happens to me.  Like ever.  I usually get gas and the next day or two it's like five cents cheaper.  But I won this time, SUCKAS!!  Gas Station - 7845, Cassie - 1.

I confess that I have been uber upset at some of my fellow bloggers this week.  What's the deal with NO ONE posting.........?!  PTL for Heather and Katie.  Keepin' it real girls, keepin' it real!

I confess that I checked the pictures that I posted 24398624908 times yesterday to make sure my goods weren't hanging out in a single picture.  lol.  I mean I know I'm pretty blunt but I'm not all about showing that kind of stuff.

I confess that just about every morning this is what my room looks like while I'm getting ready.
And I would give ANYTHING to crawl right in between them! <3

Alright, fess up!  Have a great weekend and mostly importantly GO CARDS!!


Heather said...

I confess I've been pretty lonely in blog land too. What's up with that ladies?

I confess that it is coming dangerously close to the 6 month mark of Heather not getting any...I damn near pounce on every man that walks past or not.

I confess that I may have accidentally grabbed the ass of the man in front of me at the gas station as I was reaching for a pack of gum. I am REALLY stressing the word "accidentally" here after my last confession.

Anonymous said...

I confess that I have thought about not going to Reba tonight to watch the game instead. I know I know its crazy talk. I have ALWAYS wanted to see her in concert, but really the same night of the final World Series game??? Ughhh

Didnt even see Stella in that picture. That does look tempting to crawl back in a snuggle with some cute babies!

Cassie said...

Heather - I will warn my Dad. Bahahaha, jk jk.

Katie - it is tempting, but it's freaking REBA!! And ha, you probably didn't notice Stella because she has to have like 85 blankets with her when she sleeps and 90% of the time she wakes up with NON of them on. But heaven FORBID we get out of bed without them.

AND BLOGGERS - HELLO!! Did you notice? ONLY Heather and Katie commented. WTF! Where are you guys?! I guess us three obviously did NOT get the memo.....

Katie said...

I confess I didn't even see Stella in that last picture until I read that you wanted to crawl in between them and I had to do a double take. Sneaky sleeper!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Same here..didn't see Stella. And Zack is the same way with blankets. He has to have ALL of them.

I confess..I also need to lose some weight but I keep eating. It's terrible, my baby is 5 MONTHS OLD!!! NO EXCUSES. Henry is only 8 weeks and besides you look great. Next week at work the girls and I are gonna weigh in front of each other once a week, we hope this will motivate us to lose some weight! Wish me luck!

Adrien said...

I confess that I almost confessed on the blog this morning that when I miss one day of blogging I get called out every.single.time. Then I saw your blog. And it made me laugh. Don't shoot! I've got people coming at me from all corners for missing one day, haha.

I confess that we're way behind you on the pumpkin thing. We're *hopefully* getting ours on Sunday which gives us less than 24 for carving. EEK!

Anonymous said...

Kathy & I are going to hang out at Syberg's for a while tonight. Im pretty sure Reba has 3 opening acts and an intermission before she comes out. So we will enjoy a little bit of the game then head to the concert!! You and Lacie (and whoever else) are welcome to join!!

Meagan said...

I confess that I'm happy that I'm not the only person in the St. Louis metro area that did NOT watch the game last night!! I didn't need to, there were play by plays like crazy on FB. Plus, I was watching Ellen with JT....way more important than a baseball game!!

I confess that the pumpkin that Keegan carved got completely rotted and moldy already...and I knew Ryan wouldn't throw it away so I kicked it into the grass so he would have to pick it up!!

Emily said...

I confess that after reading Meagan's post about kicking the pumpkin, I literaly LOL-ed work...oops!! That is bump and all puntin the pumpkin!

Kacie said...

I confess this is my first moment this week to sit down...and only because it was half day because of parent teacher conferences and I have to be back at the school in two hours to get on a bus and go to the grade school basketball tournament! :(

I confess I really need a drink and that's all I am going to be thinking about while coaching my cheerleaders tonight!

Have a great time at the concert tonight!! And I missed the game last night too... It's been a long week and I was tired!

sblind2 said...

UGH, I confess that I'm guilty at being MIA this week....when my boss is in she sits RIGHT.NEXT.TO.ME - joy joy.

I confess that I opened the cookie dough that was supposed to make 40 mini cookies and I ate about 5 of them-oops. Call me out on it the next time I bitch about my weight.

Cassie....I confess that you have nothing to worry about turning 25-just wait until 30, I swear I gained 10 lbs at midnight! WTF!

I confess that when I read that your were at that point with Josh I said "good for her". It truly is their fault...Matt missed out on supper the other day because he confessed he just didn't listen to what I was saying....I said tough shit!!!