Two Months Till Christmas!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Months Till Christmas!!

Ok, really this post doesn't have anything to do with Christmas, besides the fact that it really is two months away from today.  Holy smokes!  I know, just like DR says, "Christmas is not an emergency, it does not sneak up on you."  Ha, I love oh some people totally act like it does though. 
Anyways, sorry for the lack of posting.  I'm back to this little thing called work, and I have shit to do.  Yesterday was my first day back and it was GREAT!  Started off in the morning with both kids being SO cooperative.  I was PTL-ing the whole way to work.  Once we pulled on the street to go to the baby sitters, Stella knew exactly where we were going and let out a huge "YAY" and started clapping.  Whew, this was going to be a piece of cake.  Once we all got out of the car and walked in and Stella saw her friends she was quick to go play.  I said, "Can Mommy at least have a hug before I leave?"  She ran back to me, gave me a hug and then off she went.  Hen was sleeping in his carseat so we just went over bottles and a few things, wished her luck and out the door I went.  I was busy all day at work and hardly had time to think about the kiddos let alone calling to check and see how they were doing.  Before I knew it, 3:00 was here, and that last hour flew by and I was off to get my babies.  I got a great report from everyone and life was good.  They both must have enjoyed themselves A LOT because last night Henry was sleeping by 8:30 and slept until about 6:30 this morning (way to go bud first night of sleeping all through the night) and Stella was sleeping by 9:00 and up at 6:00.  LIFE IS GOOD!

Our weekend, well it was BUSY.  I started the yard sale on Friday evening and wow-wee good thing I did.  I think I made my most money then.  If you have a yard sale, start it on Friday evening, no joke, it's worth it.  After the yard sale was over I headed out to Bunco with some new friends.  It was fun!! 
Saturday morning back up bright and early for the yard sale.  My mom came over to help and thank goodness she did I would not have been able to do it without her.  I ended up shutting it down around 11:00 but I was happy as a clam with about $200 in my pocket!!  Everyone napped, Dad came home, then Aunt Danielle and non Uncle Tate came in town.  It was back to more chaos with trying to set up for Henry's baptism the next day.  But we thought it would be best to start off the preparations with dinner at Tequila's first.  Because everything is better with margaritas first, right?  Kacie and Brent joined us and then we all headed back to the house to get things set up.  Thank you all again for your help!
YAY, Aunt Danielle made the blog.  Ha, don't ask her about her hair and no that is not salsa on her face.  Bahaha, inside joke.  Love you sister.  But no joke a big PTL for Aunt Danielle!!  She knows there is no reason to workout on the weekends when she comes home, playing 2 year old with Stella is a good enough work out for her.  And Stella LOVES it, so don't ever stop.  Ok, ok, Mommy loves it too because she gets a break.  lol.
Once I FINALLY had everything set up Danielle and I headed to Heather's house warming party because we are super nosey and wanted to see what her house looked like now, since we used to live there like ten years ago.  Ahhhh, the memories.  <3  We were total party poopers and didn't stay long.  Sorry again Heather. 
Sunday morning was go time.  Everyone was up by 7:00 and before I knew it it was 9:00 and no one was dressed for church yet.  Again, PTL for Aunt Danielle to the rescue.  Her and Tate came over and helped Mommy out.  Stella was, oh.....she was an interesting little girl in church.  Needless to say her and Daddy spent some time OUTSIDE.  Ugh, that girl.  Hen was a champ though!!  Thank you Henry.  After church was Henry's baptism and he had quite the crowd there for his special day.  Even though we had a small incident happen (Daddy almost dropped him in the water) it was a good morning with great friends and family.  Thank you again to everyone who helped out and come to celebrate his special day!

So now it's Tuesday and I'm on day two of work and this morning was even easier like I said before.  I'm just saying, I have the BEST babies!!  And today also marks that Henry is 8 weeks old!  YAY!  Last week at his check up he was working it for the nurses........
Bahaha.  Hello, ladies!!  And yes, he was 7 weeks old in this picture NOT 7 months.  lol.  Just kidding Henry, nothing wrong with your chunkiness, I think it's perfect!  He got a great bill of health from the doctor.  And he's pushing close to 13 pounds.  The doctor did this height thing and said when he's all said and done he should be about 6'1.  Holla.  See what I mean when I say I can smell his football scholarship already.  Bahaa, kidding, kidding.  He has recently graduated to the big bottles.  Yep, he takes 5 ounces every three hours and that's WITH a small scoop of cereal.  He's a true boy and LOVES to eat.  Still only pooping once a day, but doctor says that perfectly fine.  He smiles and laughs and just loves life.  PTL!  Love you Heni!!

So I guess that's me catching you up on life for us right now.  Getting excited for Halloween!!  Stella put on her costume Sunday night and it's the cutest thing EVER!!  And Henry, ha, he will hate me for his costume but it was too freaking cute to pass up.  And well, if he hates it I will blame Aunt Lacie, she picked it out.  So stay tuned for those.  Hope everyone else is off to a great week, fingers crossed for a Cardinal win tomorrow night!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Busy weekend! Yay for back to work, it's nice to get back into a routine. :) Love the pic of Henry, too cute!

Anonymous said...

Glad dropping the kids off at the sitters is giong good!! YAY Stella & Henry!

I REALLY want to have a yard sale. Andy won't let me. He says take that shit to your mom's and do it. Great thanks Boog! Let me take ALL this over to mom's and set it up there. I'm still working on him and I'm not giving up! $200 is pretty damn good for a yard sale!!

Heather said...

Glad things are going better for you...but if you apologize one more time, I'm never inviting you to a party again. Well, probably not true but I'll think of something.

Love that picture of Henry...he could have his own calendar spread with that pose.

Cassie said...

Thanks Ashley!!

Katie - it's a shit ton of work and you are worn the eff out, but it's worth it. I do think dragging it over to your Mom's would be a pain but it is kinda nicer having it in a garage rather than right outside. Sorry, I swear I'm NOT on Andy's side. lol.

Lara said...

That's a great yard sale! I think I made like $80 when I tried to have one and I would be shocked if I decided to do it again.
Looks like life is good for Henry. Keep up the sleeping through the night, bud!

sblind2 said...

did they nap yesterday?

Cassie said...

Sarah - Stella has been taking about an hour nap everyday at the sitters. Henry has been sleeping like a champ. I think he takes like two hour long naps and then one big two hour nap. I am like HELLO, why does Mommy not get this? lol. But since he sleeps through the night now I can't complain too much!