Confession Friday

Friday, October 21, 2011

Confession Friday

PTL for Friday.  Wow-wee.  I have officially thrown in the towel on naps in this house.  I am not kidding one little bit.  On Tuesday we had a play date with at The Lukes (thinking oh yeah my kids will be so worn out and sleep like freaking rocks come nap time) bahahahahaha, WRONG.  Idk what I did, but I'm looking straight up at you big man, I'm really freaking sorry.  Ha.  Oh well, holla for a schedule starting on Monday!!

I confess that on Tuesday when we were at the Lukes house, we brought them lunch and we were all sitting around the table and Kim said shit, then Landon and Stella took turns saying shit it at least 20 times.  Ha, it did not help that both Mommies were cracking up the whole time.  Looks like we gotta start watching what we say.  lol.

I confess that the other day Stella was putting bracelets on Henry's feet, like around his ankles, and I totally forgot about them being on there until he woke up from his nap and I found them in his crib.  Ha, sorry Hen, I won't make you wear bracelets again.

I confess I wasn't lying about Elmo.  I swear a good 1,000 of those hits on youtube have been from us in like the past week.
And PS am I the only one who can't say Elmo without doing it in the high pitch voice just like his?  Ha, I swear I don't even do it on purpose it just comes out like that.

I confess I for sure need to go back to work.  I had a dream about Elmo the other night.  And then the other night I was having a drink with my sister and I have one of the Elmo youtube songs stuck in my head.  Ahhhhh!!

I confess that when Stella wants her picture taken now she usually grabs her baby to be in the picture too.  Ha, too many Mommy and Stella pictures?!?  I guess.  But it's hilarious.  Like this....
Smile Baby!!
....and that book, it's a kids bible.  Ha, let me read you some psalms baby.  lol.  Oh Stella....
Speaking of psalms, when we were little my Dad asked Lacie if she had been reading the bible and she said "yeah Dad I read palms all day".  Bahahahaha, she still hasn't lived that down.  Crack me up!!
So next time you see Lacie ask her to read your palm.  lol.

I confess that I set up for my yard sale less than 24 hours before it was going to start.  Yes, my strength is procrastination.  Ha, oh well.  And nothing is priced.  Just a list of what everything costs.  So come on by and just make an offer.  Sounds good to me.

Alright, gotta go. Damn it's cold today, what happened to fall, did we just go straight to winter?  Geesh.  Oh well, have a great weekend, and 'fess up!


Jackie said...

I confess that if you have any 18 month pants left over I will take them!...Loreli is so freaking tall that 12 months pants look redic on her! Just text me!...Thanks!!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I confess that it's 9:30 in the morning and I'm eating chex mix.

I also confess that I'm using the excuse that we have no soup in the house and I can't leave bc my baby is sick to get Obees's for lunch. They have soup there AND they deliver :)

Heather said...

I confess that my breakfast included lemon cookies and all of the vodka infused jello that leaked out of the orange peels into the pan. It's 5:00 somewhere.

sblind2 said...

I confess that we you tubed Elmo the other night and it was amazing so we're getting a blueray DVD player with built in wifi for upstairs so we can watch it in the living room!

Anonymous said...

what size clothes of Stella are you getting rid of- I confess that Megan is younger than Stella and she probably wears bigger clothes than her, but I just thought I would see what you have just in case. Thanks :)

Meagan said...

I confess that I drove to Belleville this morning with my low fuel light on because I didn't have time to stop & get gas, but I did have time to go through the drive thru for some McGriddles & a large Dr. Pepper....priorities!!

Nicole said...

I confess that I let Zoie sleep in her clothes almost every night... Who needs pajamas?