Meet This Momma - Erin

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet This Momma - Erin

Oh, Erin.  I think anytime we are together those words always come out of my mouth.  Because honestly you just never know what to expect when you are with her.  And I think that's why I enjoy our friendship so much!!  Erin and her baby daddy actually walked together in our wedding and have been all lovie dovie ever since.  So cute!!  And they produced the cutest little offspring, Ms. Lyla is just a doll!!  Hold on to your keyboards folks, Erin's got jokes......
Name: Erin Marie Landgraf
Age: me?! 25.
Number of Kids: 1
Names (and meanings): Lyla Marie Wilson (not sure on the meaning anymore... I can google it if you want? nah I don't want to.) But obviously the same middle name as me:) and her grandma Karla.
Age of kid(s): 5 months. Maybe 6 by the time this is posted!
Number of desired kids: 2 or 3. Just depends on when I get that ring.
Natural (epidural?) or C-Section: Natural. And yes, I had the drugs. I think it only worked on half of my body though, and I got up and walked to the bathroom as soon as it was all over. soooo. not sure how much it worked. 18 minutes of pushin and there she was! and let's just say she was obviously past ready to be out of there!
Breast, Formula, or both: Breast for about 2 weeks.. then started weaning onto formula. It's time for the blogger world to know: I have flat nipples. So it was pretty frustrating. I wish I would have stuck with it longer. I think the next one I will be more prepared.
Cloth or Regular: Boxers.
SAHM or Work (doing what?): BOTH. I stay home and I am my boyfriend's personal assistant. or so he thinks.
Something that people don’t know about you: I worry about things wayyyyy to much. and if I have a long conversation with you I am most likely be worried about if I said something wrong, which most times is the case.
Your biggest parenting secret: Sesame Street. Elmo saves my life most days.
Show us your pregnant self before giving birth:
A picture of your kid(s):
A picture of you and your hubby/baby daddy:
The best piece of parenting advice you have ever been given: Oh I have a good one. I was watching Oprah one day and it was a really sad one about a lady that forgot her baby was in her car. I can't remember what exactly happened to the lady or if she had more kids or what. But the show was about lessons learned from past Oprah shows. One lady said she learned from that show to make your life about your kids. Don't try to fit them around your schedule, make your schedule fit around their life. Ever since then I think about that lady a lot. If it's nap time, let her sleep. Have a nightly routine and stick to it the best you can. I've realized how important it is to take the time to just rock with her. She needs it and I don't need to be doing anything else. Just those few words has made a huge difference in my life as a mom. 
Baha, I love how you say you are both because you are Brandon's personal assistant.  Hilarious.  I am sure you aren't alone there.  And probably not alone with the nips either.  Hey, I could go on and on about mine too.  And what a great piece of advice!!  Your life for sure changes fast with a baby, ready or not.  And that is totally something to keep in mind.  Awww, I love it when you get all Mommy on me Erin, too cute!!  Oh and ladies, go look at that picture of Erin standing by Lyla's crib.  Oh em gee, first that bedding, I just freaking want to STEAL it and then those pictures, her Mom did those HERSELF.  Ah-mazing!!  Thanks again Erin!!


Jackie said...

I seen that Oprah show too...and I agree!!!

Lara said...

Lyla is too cute!!

Adrien said...

Erin, you're so funny! :) That's great parenting advice, too.

Erin said...

Thanks guys! I know, I'm a serious pro at this parenting thing.