Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, I was up a good majority of the night dealing with a few contractions and peeing like my kids head was RIGHT there so that explains the day I'm having.  I might just bring my bag to my OB appointment tomorrow and tell him, let's do this.  Right here, right now.  Yes, that's how I feel today.  On to the weekend....
Friday night I had plans to join my friend Maranda for dinner at some fancy schmancy restaurant down on Washington.  I love the girl to death but man I totally wish I understood food the way she does.  She is a chef at the Four Seasons downtown and went to culinary school and PTL she did because half of the stuff on the menu I couldn't even pronounce.  I drank a glass of wine (yes, it was red, don't worry) that costs as much as what I pay for a bottle of wine, lol.  But nonetheless the company was perfect and we had a great time out.  It's fun to eat out like that every once in awhile.  And she always picks a place with an awesome atmosphere.  And it also helps when she knows the waiter and he gives us free gooey butter cake (score!!).  After a nice evening with the girls I headed home to a house full of sleeping Walters.
Saturday of course, 6 am we were up bright and early.  Woohoo.  But cranky crankerson got up on the WRONG side of the bed.........
Yep, that's one of those throw myself on the floor and start crying fits I was telling you about.  Now I just take pictures of her while she is doing it.  And before I know it she wants to sit on my lap and take pictures with me.  Ha, do I know how to work this girl or what?!!
Only about an hour and 45 minutes later and she was ready to cash out.  And so was Mommy.  We enjoyed a good two hour morning nap in the recliner.  The little rain storm that passed through while we were sleeping helped out a TON too.  Ahhh, why do you sleep so much better to the sound of rain?  I love it!!  After our nap everyone was in a much better mood so we headed to Target for some last minute things for my bff's BabyQ later that day.  And man oh man it was all kids be HORRIBLE at Target day, EXPECT for my kid.  She wanted to sit in the cart the whole time, she listened, ahhhh, it was perfect.  You can bet your bottom dollar every time we passed a kid who was screaming, crying or not listening I gave my little girly girl a kiss on the head and whispered, thank you baby!!  lol.  Once we got back in town we stopped at CK to drop a few things off that we picked up for the place and Stella was the center of attention.  It was too cute.  She was just a giggling from the bottom of her belly.  I love that kind of laugh!  We knew Daddy would be home soon and Aunt Lacie was also coming over to help me make my first watermelon carriage.  And I would have to say it was a success.  Thanks to you tube for their video tutorial.  lol.  It looked pretty close to this:
I was pretty proud of myself.  And even more proud of Aldi's and their fruit.  Man oh man, best fruit around.  No joke.  But after making that, crock pot mac n cheese, and a meat and cheese tray, my ankles were huge and Momma was whooped and I still had to get ready.  A BIG thanks to Aunt Lacie who came over to help get Stella dressed and ready, since Dad thought mowing the grass was more important.  DOH!  Of course we were about 15 minutes fashionably late, but my bff expects that of me.  lol.  And she made out like a bandit!  Her soon to be little girl is very very loved!!  By 7:30 this Momma was whooped and Ms. Stella needed sleep like something fierce.  Once we got home her and Momma headed straight to bed and Dad was put on clean out the car duties.  I think by 9:00 everyone was zonked out!
Sunday we got to sleep in an extra hour, ha, 7 a.m.  Still can't complain considering I got 9:30 last weekend.  Anyways, Aunt Danielle was on her way to town with Not Uncle Tate to go to my Grandpa's birthday party.  We were all getting ready to go and got a call from my Dad that him and my step Mom had to go help out her son.  Which kinda upset everyone because we knew my Dad was looking forward to spending a day with everyone.  And then to make matters even worse his car broke down on their way there.  Boo boo boo.  So everything changed and it was just a mess.  My poor Dad.  Oh well, everyone is safe and home now and things happen.  Let's just hope some people can learn to understand that a little better.
So here we are at Monday, who's excited?  I would really be ok if this was my LAST working Monday, but I don't really have control over that.  Well, I kinda do I guess.  I could call my doctor and make up something about my water leaking or losing my plug or something, right?  Ha.  Kidding.  Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!


Adrien said...

If you REALLY want to go into labor...you need to do the deed. Baha. Started hard contractions for me every time, and with as far as you are I bet it would get things going. :)

I tried to make a watermelon pretty once...and it was an epic fail. I can barely cut up a watermelon the regular way, so I don't know what I was thinking. So great job!

Heather said...

Just read the phrase "losing my plug" while eating a pack of Gushers. Not gonna lie...I gagged a little.

Jen said...

great job on the watermelon carrage!!

Meagan said...

Lol Heather!!

Not going to lie, I thought something was happening since the post was later than usual. I'm starting to get anxious over here waiting on Henry to decide to make his appearance!!

I tried drinking castrol oil with Keegan but it didn't work, it just made me throw up! =/

Lara said...

Isn't it so great to have helpful sisters! I don't know what I would do without mine. Ty would probably be walking around naked because she buys most of his clothes!
Henry can come on Thursday and be my birthday buddy!

Cassie said...

Adrien - I had a dream about that last night and I didn't even read this comment until this morning. Too funny. But ugh, that just doesn't even sound like "fun" right now.

Heather - baha, sorry. I should have given a warning. lol.

Meagan - you are the second person who has told me the cator oil did NOTHING for them. the other person said it just made them shit their brains out. no fun at all.

Lara - maybe!! and yes, PTL for sisters. my kid would be dirty and hungry all the time. lol.