Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Fair warning, I MAY just be guilty of giving people this look today:
I am cranky and sleepy.  I am wearing all black too, aka mourning.  Ms. Stella fell asleep at 7:30 last night, no big deal right, she didn't have a very long nap that day.  So Momma was in bed at like 9:00.  Around 11 she woke up crying.  I went into her room, gave her her binky and back out she went.  Until about 1:00 and then she decided to just have a freaking party and not go back to sleep until I don't know when.  Let's just say last time I looked at the clock it was a little after 3.  Of course I couldn't wake Daddy because he is starting his new job today and needed his sleep.  When his alarm went off at 4:50 he came and woke Stella and I up on the couch and took her to our bed.  Where I swear I slept with a ninja for the next hour.  Needless to say the fact that I can't have the extreme amount of caffeine I would like this morning, makes for a bad morning.  It's one of those, don't talk to me until I talk to you first days.  So, on to our weekend.
First off Friday at work the ladies threw me a surprise baby shower.  I was STOKED and honestly, surprised!!  It was too too cute.  All Cars 2 themed.  Boy stuff galore.  It made for a very happy Momma!!
One person even purchased a 12 pack of Coors Light for me.  Ha, someone knows how to keep a Happy Momma.  It's currently being chilled in the fridge with a huge TOUCH AND DIE note on it.  Baha, kidding.  After work I got Stella from the sitter and we stopped by to hang out with Kim and Landon because we hadn't seem them in for.freaking.ever.  Of course we made them kiss and hug and do all that cute stuff.  Ha, because way to soon they are going to not want anything to do with that kind of stuff.  lol.  After we left there we headed home and I really have no idea what we did.  Ha, must have been REAL exciting.
Saturday morning we were up bright and early (that tinfoil idea is looking better and better).  Stella made herself comfy in the recliner while we watched our CMT music videos.
Ha, then we got a call from Kacie and Brent wanting to know if we wanted to join them for some breakfast.  So we all got dressed, because yes we all pretty much just hang out in our undies all morning and made our way to meet them.  After that Aunt Danielle came in town and, drum roll please......Stella said AUNT DANIELLE!!  YAY!  Clear as day.  Aunt Danielle was smiling ear to ear.  It was too cute.  She also said Nana and was just a talking talking fool!!  Ahhh, I just love her new vocabulary!!  We made a trip to Target while Daddy got lunch ready and we all ate together for that.  We debated church but little miss was no fan of taking a nap so we thought, let's do the congregation a favor and stay at home.  After church my Mom and sisters came over to get me because we were headed to The Muny to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  YAY!  And it was ah-mazing!!  Hot as hell, but amazing.  However, on our way there we witnessed a 'hit and run' which was just crazy!  But we were quick and got the person's license plates number and gave it to the guy who was hit.  Ugh, people are just crazy!  I was in a hit and run one time and it just pissed me off like no other.  So fingers crossed the guy was able to track down the idiot!  Anyways, so while we enjoyed The Muny, Josh and Stella went to a picnic.  Wait, what?  Josh hates picnics.  I know, I know.  Trust me, I cried.  It was bad, messy, I cursed, ugh.  Thank goodness for that ice cream at The Muny or else Momma would have needed a beer.  Damn people in their ways of doing things when they know for sure the other person can't go.  Really hits the heart hard and takes its toll.  Oh well.  Needless to say when I got home I curled up on the couch and the only thing that I said I love you to was, my daughter and a hot rice pack that made my back feel 150 times better.
Sunday came and it was a big day for celebration.  Abbie, the dog, was turning 21.  Ok, really 3 but 21 in dog years.  So we had dog beers for everyone!!  Ha, kidding.  But we did give her a ton of treats and pats and rubs.  It was also our three year anniversary of getting engaged.  Which after the evening we had before, was of course, oh so romantic.  lol.  Stella did her morning chores:
Kidding.  I was cleaning around the house and cleaned the front door and Ms. Monkey See Monkey Do thought she needed to clean everything Mommy cleaned.  Needless to say when she was done, the front door looked "real clean."  But after all of the cleaning, she wore herself out and her and Mommy enjoyed a ton of sleepy time.
I promise she sleeps in her own bed.  But nap time is always in Mommy's bed.  You know, so I can nap too.  lol.  Once everyone was good and rested we decided to head to Home Depot.  We FINALLY updated our hardware on the kitchen cabinets.  PTL!  But holy hell that shit is expensive!!
Goodbye "S" handles.  Now, just envision the cabinets white.  Ah, working on convincing the husband of painting our cabinets.  However you know us and how fast our painting projects go.  lol.  Looks like we might be hiring someone to do it instead.  And of course we can't go through Smithon without a stop at the ice cream place.  Oh.so.good!!  Once we got home we watched some Kardashians and Stella crashed for the night.  However Josh was running around like a man with A.D.D. getting ready for his new job today.  Ha, can you say first day jitters?!?  lol.  Oh well, best of luck to him.  Say a little prayer for me as this is my last week of normal life.  After this Josh is on nights and I will be a single Mommy a good majority of the time.  No joke, pray for me.  I need it.  I have even been considering wearing a rosary as a necklace.  Jk.
Hope you all had a good weekend!!  So excited for Blogger Bunco on Friday (and my bffs SURPRISE!!)


Heather said...

LOVED 7 Brides for 7 Brothers at the Muny. I think we saw it last year. Or the year before. I don't remember. And LOVE the new hardware!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone needs some JJ's and a visit with the ice cream man. :) Hey it worked last time!

Picnic thing-I would be upset too. Sorry! :(

YAY Stella! Im sure Danielle was on the verge of tears when she heard that!! So cute.

Katie said...

Jealous that you got to see 7 Brides for 7 Brothers! That's one of my favorite musicals :)

Meagan said...

Ugh.....stupid husbands!!! Mine pissed me off this weekend too....and the real kicker is when they are oblivious to it & don't understand what the problem is!!

Cassie said...

Katie - I thought about that this morning. I probably wrote the e-mail up about 5 times and I was like no Cassie eat what you brought damn it! lol.

Other Katie - it was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. However Adam did not have a beard and Milly was a burnette. WTF!!

Meagan - AMEN!!

Abbey said...

Glad you had a good time at the Muny.

I think the picnic would make any momma sad.

I completely understand about being a "part-time" single parent. Stephen works midnights and it sucks at first but give it time you guys will fall into a routine. Now there are some nights when he is home and feels left out because me and the babies have a nighttime system that he isn't a part of- I know for sure it has given me so much more time to hang out with the babies-

Sorry the job had to start so close to henry's arrivial .. It wilp all be ok and you will Be great- welcome to the part time single mom club :)