Confession Friday

Friday, August 5, 2011

Confession Friday

All I gotta say is TGIF!!
On to the confessions.....

I confess that this just makes me laugh out loud every.single.time.  Sooooooo true!!
Thank you Katie for posting it on your FB.  You can find more via here.

I confess that the 32 ounce Diet Pepsi and the bag of Chili Cheese Frito's I bought this morning from Fast Stop, MIGHT have been the best breakfast I have had in a LONG time.  Happy Momma.

I confess that Stella got something for her 18 month birthday that was free.  A HUGE freaking vocabulary!  No joke.  I swear last night when my Dad asked her if she wanted a bite of ice cream she said, "Not now."  Bahaha, excuse me?  Ha, but I am LOVING it.  She said Papa last night to my Dad (which TOTALLY made his whole freaking week) AND she said Acie right in front of Aunt Lacie this time.  I PROMISE Danielle, we are STILL working on Aunt Danielle.  Baha.  It's a tough one, give her a break.

I confess that when I heard the low for Saturday night is supposed to be 75 I let out a huge PTL.  We have tickets to the Muny and I was kinda dreading it considering the heat lately.  But now I am STOKED!  However, totally not stoked that my sister said, "it's ok if you have your baby that night, I have someone in mind who will take your ticket."  Oh, THANKS sister!!

I confess that sometimes my husband needs to think things over in his head before he opens his mouth.  Like him saying, "Try not to have this kid on Monday, I start my new job then and that would be bad."  Oh sure NO problem.....ugh.

I confess that Wednesday night at DiCarlos my kid LOST her restaurant privileges.  But we still went and ate at Subway last night.  Bahaha, I hold on to my word so well.....

I confess that I have still not spent a lick of my casino winnings.  WHATT!!!!  I know I know, Momma is thinking new iPhone?!!?

I confess that I rearranged the living room the other night (hoping to incude labor) and got nothing.  Ha, oh well.  The living room looks great.  Two people now have told me it looks so much bigger.  YAY!

I confess that I cried at Stella's 18 month check up on Wednesday.  I have NEVER cried before but now that she can talk and say, "No" uh, it just broke my heart.  : (

I confess that while watching Teen Mom this weekend I wanted nothing more than for it to be FALL!!  Oh man oh man I was like come on sweatshirt and flip flop weather!!  Between Teen Mom and The Real Housewives of NJ I am going to have my freaking Christmas tree up next week!!

Alright, that's enough.  I got work to do.  Have a good weekend!!  PTL for some of this awesome weather.  I have driven to and from work the last two days without my AC on.  Ahhhh, LOVE it!!


Katie said...

Haha I'm glad you liked it :) That website gave me a lot of good laughs on boring days at my internship!

Heather said...

OMG...I thought the same thing when watching Teen Mom. I was so jealous of the hoodies and Halloween stuff!

sblind2 said...

I would do anything for Fall about now....I love love love it!!! Then on to winter-leggings and furry boats!! (This just brought a smile to my face)

Brody is getting so bossy! this morning he told Reese "puppy go" and pointed to her crate! =(

Heather said...

I confess I'm trying to figure out what furry boats are :)

I confess that a whole bunch of us at work are about at our wits end with one certain person and her "I don't care attitude".

Adrien said...

Oh my, that breakfast actually sounds really good right about now. :)

I confess that I've never seen a single episode of ANY of the shows everyone has been talking about lately!

Cassie said...

Adrien - you don't watch Teen Mom? What!! OH, you need to. You will be addicted.

Heather - too funny. I think everyone has a co-worker like that!!

Sarah - Stella talks to Abbie like she is the boss too. It's hilarious. She tells her to sit ALL the time. And always pats her leg saying, 'Come on.' lol.

Anonymous said...

A can of pepsie, a shit load of Twizzlers and some of Megan's Gold fish crackers was my breakfast of champions for this morning :)

Kim Luke said...

ahh Fall!! I can't wait!!

I confess I am going to have an outfit for Layla made for her Halloween costume this year. She will only be 1 month old and nothing will fit her yet.. that's a good excuse, right?!?

I confess when I got home from work last night, Dane told me our health insurance has been changed, effective this week!!!!!! All I could think about was, what if Snowden & St. John's isn't in-network.. ahh, that would only give me 54 days to find a new doctor!!!stressful!!!

Anonymous said...

Wahooo big talker!! Can you and Stella practice Katie?? :)

Pictures of the new living set up?

Kacie said...

I confess I took my dog to a photography studio today for pictures. A. I do not have a kid and B. All proceeds benefit the Randolph County Humane Society.

I confess I feel like I have been an awful friend. Life has been so crazy lately and I feel like it just keeps getting worse.

I confess Fall cadn not get here fast enough!! Jeans and a Tshirt, Hoodies, and FALL DECOR!!! Can not wait to decorate for fall.

I agree, we need pictures of the living room! =)

Cassie said...

Kim - yikes! fingers crossed nothing major has changed!!

Katie - ha, yes we will work on Katie. lol.

Kacie - you are getting ready for school i totally understand why you are busy. no big deal. maybe we can get together this weekend!!

Jackie said...

Yay for Stella talking more...well

Totally get the whole husband needs to think before talking....I wasn't allowed to have Loreli the week of billing for Loreli since that is his "busy" time at work....guess what I had her that Monday...needless to say Eli had to go to work after I had the baby...crap!!! But her got the whole week off after I came homw because I couldn't be by myself. So he kinda made up for it!