Hey, It's Ok!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hey, It's Ok!!

....to use your kids as excuses to shop.  old navy is having a great sale and stella needs more 2T clothes?!?!!?

...to wear heels all throughout your pregnancy.  39 weeks and 6 days today and momma is wearing them high.

...to think this little countdown is a damn liar.....
i swear if tomorrow it says congrats, it's being DELETED.  it better go into negative numbers until i tell it.

...to be thankful for ridiculous neighbors.  man they sure do give me a good laugh!

...to think the funniest joke about Steve Job's resigning is, "in his resignation letter all he wrote was "iResign".  bahaha, i laugh out loud every.single.time.

...to STILL be obsessed with pinterest.  i swear i find something even better on there every day!!

...to not like it when people come into your house when you aren't home.  related or not, i drawn the line.

...to tell God you are sorry for wishing to go a week over your due date.  i really didn't mean it.  i was just joking.  honestly.  this pressure i am feeling is no fun.  i am honestly AFRAID to sneeze, blow my nose, cough, etc.

...to fax a copy of a marked up memo to your doctor's office because you think four misspelled words on a half a page memo is just a little embarrassing on their part.

...to be a little jealous that your sister won a quilt.  i swear she is the luckiest person i know!

...to sit and stare at the bottle of skinny girl margaritas my sister brought me last weekend.  oh man it looks so good!!

...to still have no idea how to use a breast pump.  i plug what into what and hold it how?

...to sign up for your first 5k which could potentially be three weeks after having a baby.  ha, i hope i don't rip a stitch.  ptl for depends, momma might be sportin' some.  but man i just am ready to run again!!


Heather said...

Pam and I were just discussing how lucky you are that you are getting your wish of having this baby in September. :)

Jen said...


Cassie said...

i know i know, i'm just over it. yay for septmeber but damn this extra 40 pounds is killing me today.

ha, yes jen, damn that countdown!! and ahhhh, i just can't wait for the first sip!!

Anonymous said...

and did i tell you i only bought one quilt chance and i still won!! and $20 on a scratcher.. but of course i will be buying my godchild something with my winnings :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I was able to post a comment! I am so excited I can finally comment on here Cassie this is great!. Thanks for never teaching me :) jk

Cassie said...

ha!! yay lacie!

Anonymous said...

hahah I love that you faxed back the memo to your doctor's office. They obviously didn't go to Hickey!

Cassie said...

yeah TWO Hickey girls marked up the memo. it was bad. like words in all caps that were meant to be brought to people's attention spelt wrong. and then the word "gun" instead of "gum", yeah i drew the line there. and it got faxed over ASAP! lol.

Meagan said...

These made me LOL!!

Carter's is having a pretty good sale right now too & if you use the code "friendship" you get an extra 25% off.....plus their clothes are adorable!!

sblind2 said...

what 5k did you sign up for?

Adrien said...

These are great. :) I don't need or want to know about any more sales, because I keep buying things I don't need for the girls and forgetting about things we WILL need for Fall...like new boots and tennis shoes. New shoes for two kids? Ugh...not fun.

Jackie said...

I loved all of these...I was loling at work!...whoops!

Eva said...

I've yet to try SkinnyGirl margaritas. Are they as good as everyone says they are?


Cassie said...

Eva - I have yet to try them myself. I'm a SkinnyGirl Marg virgin!