Friday Randomness

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Randomness

I don't have many confessions today.  I have a shit ton of stuff I want to throw in Heather's Black Hole, but I am trying my best to stay upbeat, because after all, I asked for this.  More like begged for it.  And I know it REALLY could be way worse.
So yes, in case you didn't know, I'm STILL pregnant.  lol.
However, some "stuff" did happen yesterday, but it only lead to complete disappointment.
Fair warning, I will use the word plug and you will probably have some unpleasant visuals.  So please refrain from eating and drinking while reading the next couple of paragraphs.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.
Around 2:30 yesterday I'm pretty sure I lost my plug.  I don't really know what the plug looks like, or how it's really supposed to be, but I know what I saw when I went to use the restroom wasn't really normal.  So I just kinda cleaned up and went back to my desk.  I e-mailed another girl whom I known had lost her plug while she was pregnant and she pretty much reassured me that yes, I was unplugged.  lol.  I continued on working because losing your plug can sometimes mean nothing.  Most people lose their plug and don't deliver for a good week or so.  However, I started having REALLY bad lower back pains.  I could walk and talk through them but man oh man they were killer.  So about 3:15 I put a call into the nurse line at my doctor's office.  I was like yes, I know this is my second pregnancy, but I was induced with my daughter so I don't really know what "labor" feels like or is.  She was like well, why don't you come in and we will get you checked out.  Well of course I then get bombarded with stuff to do and I'm not the type to say no, nor spill my business, so I finished up what I needed to do and finally headed to the hospital around 4:15.  I got a call back from the nurse who said my doctor was in a deliver right now so I should head over to the women's evaluation unit instead of coming to the office.  I had no freaking idea what this evaluation unit was all about, but when she told me, blue elevators to the second floor, which is also EXACTLY how you get to Labor and Delivery I was like - hold the phone.  So I get there, and get all checked in and sure enough, head straight to a room, get a hospital gown, get the monitors all turned on, answer the 85294689 questions about my medical history and the history of this pregnancy and then boom.  I was left in the room to sit and be monitored.  All I could think of was, well, are they just going to induce me?  What is all going on here.  Well, just to my luck I had the nurse with the smallest and shortest fingers on duty.  She came in about 20 minutes later to "check" me and good god all mighty, she REALLY had to get up in there.  Wow-wee.  Let's just say I was PTL-ing that my OB has big hands and long fingers.  I never want to see that nurse and her small hands EVER again.  Anyways, about an hour and a half later they got ahold of Snowden, let him know I was having mild contractions, that I lost my plug, but that I was still only at 2cm.  You would think Nurse Small Hands would have said I was at a 10 because I'm sure Snowden's 2 and her 2 were totally different.  He said, well, doesn't sound like enough to start inducing labor so just send her home.  Ugh, not the news I was looking for.  So home I went.  The whole ride home was completely uncomfortable and my belly was just so hard.  I wanted nothing but to be home and in bed.  My Mom called and wanted to go for a walk and I thought, shit, why not.  Maybe that will help continue my contractions and get things going.  Ha, needless to say it was probably one of the slowest walks I have ever taken.  Momma was a hurting.  But we made it all three miles.  My belly was as hard as a rock when I got home.  I got Stella all ready for bed and laid down with her and things were just starting to die off.  I took a shower around 9:30 and by time that was all over and done with it just seemed as if everything had stopped.  So to sleep I went.
So here I sit today working away with an extremely sore crotch from Nurse Small Hands, some mild lower back pain, a huge hard belly, and of course, high heels on.  lol.

And I can NOT handle the "why haven't you had that baby" comments ANY MORE.  Especially from people at work.  Oh em gee.  I'm sorry I can't just shove my hand up my crotch and pull him out myself.  WTF else do you want me to say?

I also thought that I CAN NOT and WILL NOT have this baby on the 30 or 31.  He will NEVER have a half birthday if I do that.  Oh em gee, and half birthdays are a HUGE deal at our house, and well, I don't know what I would do.  ALSO that puts out the 29th too, because then he would only have a half birthday every four years when a leap year occurred.  So let's do this today, tomorrow or Sunday, otherwise we HAVE to wait until Thursday.

My Dad thinks it would be funny if I held out until September 5, since it IS technically Labor Day.  Ha, oh Dad, you and your corny jokes.

Let's talk about this weather - AMAZING!!  I saw about 24982908 people out running this morning.  Ahhhh, I was super jealous.  One because, why the hell are they NOT at work and two because I want that to be me too!!  Signed up for my 1st 10k, YAY!!

I have decided in my next life I want to come back as my husband.  Man he doesn't have to do shit besides mow grass, work and watch the hunting channel.  Man that would be the life.  Probably the only thing holding me back from doing "it" to induce labor is seeing him sitting in the damn recliner every day when I get home from work and knowing he has been home for TWO hours and dinner isn't even started.  Momma is about to lose it REAL quick!!  If you see a recliner out in my front yard on fire, just drive by.  Mind your own business please, everything is fine.  It's just called hormones.....

And pretty much the only thing keeping me going today is this.....
First off, when did she get big enough to eat cereal, in a bowl with milk and a spoon?  Mommy still wants to just give you the dry stuff, or "help" you with your spoon.  Ha, pretty much the only person right now I wouldn't kick out for leaving crumbs in my bed.  Thank you Stella, you make me laugh every morning and make me realize that it's not all that bad.  I love you.  And your goofy-ness.

So that's all I got.  Sorry no confessions, just some highs and lows of my past 24 hours.  Enjoy the weather this weekend.  It's supposed to be awesome, YAY for Fall being right around the corner.  Might be going to the homecoming parade in Waterloo this weekend, ahhh, I LOVE that towns are starting to have their homecomings and festivals.  I can smell the pumpkins already!!  Peace out!


Andrea said...

Come on Henry!!!

I confess that I literally did throw both of our Lazyboy recliners to the curb when I was around 9 months pregnant for the exact same reasons you want to. It make me feel 1290937 times better not seeing my husbands lazy butt sitting in them every single day when I got home 2 hours after him. I would cringe every day when the first thing he would say to me is "whatchya making for dinner" Did we marry identical twins separated at birth??? lol. Hang in there. This too shall pass and soon you will have the cutest little baby boy in your arms. :)

Adrien said...

I am really surprised that they didn't just induce you. I've been induced with less progress than that! Of course it was scheduled, but still.... Hang in there and keep taking those walks! Pretty soon this will all just be a memory. :)

Heather said...

Thanks for the warning :) I set my Gushers down this time. Hope that baby comes today!!! Sending labor vibes your way!!

Erin said...

I think he is coming. The day I lost my plug I didn't know what it really was or if it was that or what. But later on my back started hurting and slowly made it's way into contractions. It's gonna happen I think.

Erin said...

I think he is coming. The day I lost my plug I didn't know what it really was or if it was that or what. But later on my back started hurting and slowly made it's way into contractions. It's gonna happen I think.

sblind2 said...

I'm not going to comment one bit about the situation (aka still prego) your in, because I can tell momma is not happy! =) tip toe tip toe....

I'm sooo going to start celebrating my half birthday (and Brody's too I guess) half birthday is coming up!! Sept 17, baby!! parTay!

is it the Halloween one?!?!? We should do a theme costume!

Cassie said...

Andrea - ANY time you need to vent, shoot me an e-mail. Ha, it does sound like we married idential twins. ugh!

Adrien - I think honestly my doctor was like well, this could be a 1 am or 2 am delivery and i'm tired so nah, she can hold out. he is a lucky man that we did not see each other face to face yesterday! lol.

Cassie said...

Erin - how did I not know you lost your plug? I should have texted you. i was like is this or is this NOT my plug?!?

Sarah - too funny. i LOLed at your tip toe tip toe. i will try to google some ideas for the run! i'm VERY excited!!

Erin said...

lol.. tip toe tip toe. Everyone shoulda started tip toeing about 3 months ago. LOL. just kidding!!
Yeah girl, I lost that shit. And I gave birth about 28 hours later! he is coming.

Meagan said...

Dear Henry,

Pleas make your mommy the happiest person on earth & make your appearance in the NEAR future...she is more than ready to hold you in her arms!!


Cassie said...

lol thanks Meagan!! That is exactly what I really do MEAN to say, it just comes out as bitching and moaning. lol.

Jen said...

not gonne lie, the only thing i could think about while reading this was "do i have small hands and fingers"

Anonymous said...

Of course LOVE the picture of Stella. She is definitely here to make you laugh when lately I'm sure all you want to do is cry and scream in pain.

What the HELL is a plug???? And why do you lose it?? Ahhhh sounds frightening!!! Hope you're okay after that. I really have never heard of a plug while being pregnant.

Jackie said...

I lost my plug but Loreli decided to stay up there for a week after I lost it...sorry that is probably what you don't want to hear!

Hopefully he will come this weekend!...I am praying for you!

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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