Weekend Wrap Up

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Sorry guys, this is WAAAAYY late.  Super busy, running around like a crazy person, and truthfully I am just whooped.  I want nothing but to sleep til noon, sit in the tub for hours and have someone rub my feet and paint my toes really pretty.  But ha, back to reality.......
Our weekend was low key, which was nice.  Friday night the Luke's came over to eat some yummy DiCarlos, we let the kids play and well, since they were in town we just HAD to get sno cones.  lol.  Landon and Stella had races in the driveway and then came inside and played babies.  I mean, Landon did not play babies, he is a boy, he played.....Daddy.  lol.
They were too too cute together.  They are going to make great parents to some beautiful babies someday.  lol.  Oh yeah and see Stella's nose, yep that's the nasty scab that formed over the incident at the sitter's last week.  It was gross.  And coming from a Mommy who is a HUGE scab picker, I was pretty proud of myself and Stella for leaving it alone.  After the salad got the best of Dane (bahaha), they decided to head home and we all changed into our jammies and enjoyed some free HBO we had for the weekend.  Valentine's Day, Couples Retreat, The Blind Side, YES PLEASE.
Stella made herself comfy and was asleep in no time.
Saturday morning Josh had to work so Stella and I enjoyed a bright and early walk.  Of course, I mean what else would we do at seven o'clock on a Saturday morning (maybe sleep in Stella baby, just MAYBE!!  Even if it's only til 8:00, PLEASE!!!)  After our walk we enjoyed some breakfast and called Aunt Lacie to see if she wanted to go to Target.  We had a few things to return and some coupons to use.  We ran there and then enjoyed some Subway when we got back in town.  Subway has a pretty awesome kids meal that is just perfect.  A 4 inch sandwich, juice box and chips.  (Yes Kim I let my kid have a juice box, lol).  Stella did awesome with her meal.  I was impressed!!  However once some talk dark and handsome guy from Florida walked in she was all googly eyed at him and waving and smiling.  Ha, flirt flirt flirt.  After that we came home and waited for Dad to get off work then we all crashed out and enjoyed a nice long nap.  I don't think we did anything the rest of the evening.
Sunday I had to work at CK.  Once I got back we played outside, watch some more movies and chilled all day.
Monday was the Fourth (duh) and Josh's Grandma always has a big bash at her house.  It was WAY to hot for the parade so we decided to skip that and come over a little closer to lunch time.  Since it was hot I decided to see if Stella would let me do up a cute little pony tail for her.  And she did!!!  She didn't mind me messing with her hair at all!!
YAY!  It's so cute.  Still needs a little clip in the front for the bangs, but otherwise, cute cute cute.  Once we got all dressed and ready we headed out and enjoyed a nice afternoon with family.  Stella played and played until she couldn't play anymore.  We packed up and she was sleeping before we even got out of town.  Everyone was whooped.  We enjoyed a pretty chill evening, didn't get to do see any fireworks though.  I was pretty bummed.  The best I got was what was on Channel 5.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Stella and I did get in a little photo op though.  She thought it was hilarious to take pictures of herself with my phone.
Too cute!!  OH yeah and her scab fell off on Monday too!  PTL!!
Hope you all had a great Fourth of July!!


Adrien said...

Sounds like a lot of us missed out on fireworks this year! Landon and Stella are so adorable together. :)

Heather Rahn said...

Look at all of us missing fireworks!! Glad to know I wasn't the only one.

Jackie said...

Landon and Stella are so cute together!
Someday maybe Loreli will have hair and I can do the same...but I have a feeling it may be a while!!!

Katie said...

love the pony tail!! Too cute!
And the picture of her in her FNF hahah so cute. She looks very relaxed!

Lara said...

Yay for cooperation with the ponytail! Looks so cute!