Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today is a big numbers day.

50 more days left of this pregnancy!!  50 more days until a nice cold one, ahhhh.  Baha, kidding.  And as MUCH as I say I want to hold out until September (and I REALLY REALLY do), I just have this weird feeling that baby is coming and he's coming early.  Freaks me out.  I have been nesting like a man woman and the dog has been acting crazy.  Ahhh, I'm freakin'!!!

Heather is 30!!!  Hop on over to her blog or friend her on FB and tell her Happy Birthday!  And if you have any connections with karma, tell her to stay the eff away today.  It's Heather's day, end.of.story.  But really, Happy Birthday Heather.  You are freaking hilarious and every day when I read your blog I really do think, 'only you, only you.'  I hope you have a great birthday and get completely ridiciously tonight.  And I really hope that the new creepy guy stays away.  lol.

Also, it's Josh's half birthday!!  Six more months until the big 3-0.  Damn, Daddy's old (kidding Josh!!  and Heather, 30 is not old, promise).  But honestly I can't believe that soon I can say my husband is 30 and I'm 25.  CRAZY.  Ahh, I don't even know if I wana say I'm 25.  Hi, I'm 25 I have two kids, a mortgage, and a husband who is 30.  Yikes, how did I get here?!!  Slow down life, November I'm in no rush to see you.

And I have had 41,581 page views.  Whhhaaaaattt!  Ha, not that that means anything, I just wanted to throw out another number.  lol.


Heather Rahn said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out!!! And thanks for trying to fend off Karma for a while. I don't think she's going to slack off though...she has everyone bailing tonight!! So now it's just me and Ashley whooping it up!

Katie said...

Not to make the thought of turning 25 any worse or anything, but I HATED turning 25. Definitely worse age for me!