Chocolate for Breakfast

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chocolate for Breakfast

My bff thinks my kid is deprived. 
She has never been to Chuck-e-Cheese.
She has had like three juices boxes/capri suns in her lifetime.
Never been on a crazy vacation.
Hates picnic rides.
Candy, ha, what's candy.
And don't even get me started on some of the other foods.
But sweet tea, now the girl can go to town on some McDonald's sweet tea.
But lately this Momma has been being quite the dare devil.
See, I am working on getting rid of the "B."  You know, the binky.
I mean truthfully she knows how to work us for it.  No joke.  It's bad.
And when I see her with it in her mouth it makes me mad.
Especially when I see younger kids without one, then I just get down right pissed at myself.
Shoot I always grab it out of her mouth before we walk into public places.
I feel like people would judge me.
People from Red Bud judge people?  Ha.  Anyways.
But yet I go FRANTIC if I don't know where a B is.  Yes, we have two.  Ugh.
Now I am just getting mad again.
So I am trying something new out.  Usually in the morning on the way to the sitter's she gets her B.
I mean it's early, she has only been up for maybe 15 minutes.
I know how Momma is without her coffee, so baby can have her B.
But NOT this week.
I have been using the "do you want chocolate" instead of giving in and handing over the B.
Let me introduce you to my "secret weapon."
Bahaha - yep, whose's deprived now?!  Kidding.
But the girl can go to town on some frosted donuts.

See - happy baby. 
We are on day two and it's going great.
She may weigh 30 pounds and be in a size 6 diaper by time the B is gone (ha, kidding, TOTALLY kidding). 
But it makes her happy!!
Any other Momma's have some good secret weapons they wana come out of the closet and share?!!?  Ha, please anyone, someone, make me feel like I'm not alone.


Nicole said...

To get Zo to stop using her binkie we cut off the tips... that way they weren't appealing anymore.

Heather Rahn said...

I don't know about the binky but I do know what I am going to have for breakfast tomorrow morning. Thanks for that.

Lara said...

I hate that Ty still has a paci! I totally rip it outta his mouth before we leave the house too. Actually he knows better now and if he wants to go outside he will throw it on the floor! It's our magic drug for bedtime, falls asleep in 2 minutes after he gets the green plug.

Anonymous said...

So Im not a momma, but SuperNanny (ya know Nanny 911) says to tell them that their younger brother or sister will need it when they get here. So they feel like they are helping their baby brother or sister. Stella is probably still too young to even care when you tell her that, but its worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

I love Megan's Binky, I am in no hurry to get rid of it any time soon. Binky works wonders for us! But I know what your saying- like 3 and 4 year old kids, I agree- that is stretching it. But a 2 year old, nah...don't worry what other people think! Cutting off the tip- I am gonna have to try that when I am ready for her to get rid of hers.

Cassie said...

Nicole - I have heard of people cutting off the tips. We might resort to that.

But Lara I am right with you. It's our magic drug. lol. It makes her sleep. It makes her happy. And Stella knows too when we get out of the car that it stays in there. Ha, horrible.

Katie - come on you know my kid could care less what I think, tell her, say. Ha. She is like yeah ok Mom I know you will give in five seconds later. Ha. Oh well.

Adrien said...

Mmm...donuts. :) Yeah, I obviously have no advice for you, because our 2 year old LOVES her paci, and it saves our sanity. I couldn't get her to take a nap without one! However, at some point I will probably cut the tips off of them. :(

Jackie said...

Loreli never took a paci so we didn't have to go through that but getting the bottle away was a whole diffrent story...I think we got it away finally at 15 months and it was a rough week butwe got through it!

Meagan said...

I don't have any special secrets for getting rid of the binky....with Keegan we started with giving it to him just at nap time & at night time for a couple of months then we just went cold turkey & threw them all away! After the third day it didn't even phase him anymore that he didn't have it...that first day however it took me 2 hours to get him to sleep, sadly I will never forget that!!

Julia said...

So...I know I am not a mom either, but a friend of mine took her daughter to Build-A-Bear, let her pick out her own special stuffed animal, and they put her last binky in her new bear (instead of the little heart they give you). Now, even though she is 7, she still has her binky with her! I thought it was a cute idea! Good luck!

Kim Luke said...

You know I definitely won't judge you on the B, when we have a B problem on our own! BLANKIEEEE!

If it bothers you this much, I would definitely try poking a hole in the end of it. I've heard it works, so it's worth a try!
It was hard to break Landon of the bottle.. I had to use tough love. he would throw himself down onto the kitchen floor when I handed him a sippy cup.. but he eventually realized "hey, I’m thirsty and want my milk"
Maybe find something that she loves, probably other than chocolate donuts so she isn't a size 6 diaper & 30 pounds next month. lol

ps. adding chocolate donuts to the wedding dinner. They are Landon’s absolute favorite too! :)