Why Me?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Me?

I mean really, do I not just have the WORST luck with shoes?  Ha.  Oh well.  I keep it interesting I guess.  I was walking downstairs to go heat up my lunch and felt my heel was a little off.  I looked down to find a slight crack in it.  No biggie.  Usually means I have at least a few more weeks left out of this pair before they are donezo.  So I do what I need to do, go back up to my office and realize they are getting worse.  So I decide to head to Target to get some new shoes.  As I am walking to the parking lot I feel like my heel slipped into one of those little holes in the concrete your heels ALWAYS seem to find.  Ha, nope.  I look down to find this.....
I mean really?  Done for.  I just think, how in the world am I going to walk INTO Target without a limp?!?  Ha.  Ok, so I think I will just try to straight it out.  Nope.  Snapped right off.  Total loss.  Now really all I can do is sit and laugh.  Only me.
(pay not attention to the short thumb, I swear it shows up randomly all the time...)
So yep, I walked into Target tip-toeing on one side, trying to look as normal as possible.  And of course they would not have size 8 heels today.  Of course.  So a cheap pair of dressy black flip flops it was.  Oh well, an excuse to wear flip flops to work.  And of course I had to buy a new shirt to only make my afternoon a little better!


Katie said...

hahah I knew there would be a post on this. I just had to come read it. I needed a good laugh this afternoon. End of the month is crazy busy for me. Thanks for the laugh, Cassie!! Hope there wasnt an injury during this awful accident.