Stylish Blogger Award

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Ok, I have been given this award THREE times now!!  How kind!  Ah, I just feel so loved.  And I didn't even prepare a speech.  You guys are just great!!  So a BIG thank you to Heather, Adrien and Erin.  So I thought if I want to stay on these lovely people who nominated me's good side, I should do as a good blogger does and go with the flow.  So without further ado, seven random facts about me.  Promise, I will try to keep it PG, since you guys already know about my cleanliness, hygiene and desire to not wear certain undergarments.  lol.  Anyways.....

1.  I REALLY want a basketball hoop at my house.  Not the one that sits in the yard and you have to put a couple sand bags on top of so it doesn't blow over.  No, the one IN concrete, IN the ground.  Nice and pretty.  AND a really nice girl's basketball to go along with it.  Preferably an orange and white WNBA one.
2.  I hate clutter.  I probably go through our storage room in the basement every three months or so and purge stuff.  I can't stand it.  And I don't see a need for it if I can't even remember the last time I used it.
3.  I have never been to an NBA game and I would LOVE to go.  Preferably to a Bulls game in Chicago.  I don't even care who they play.
4.  I HATE the Amtrak.  I took it one time to Chicago and back and I will never again take it.  I will drive, I don't care how much gas is or how many miles I will put on my car.  ANYTHING to void that damn train.
5.  I like to be in control.  Which could very well explain the train thing.  Since I can't really control the train, how fast we get there, etc.
6.  I can't whistle.  Just can't.  Idk why, even tried the two fingers in the mouth thing, can't do that either.
7.  I would LOVE to own Country Kitchen someday.  It's a TON of work, but man oh man the things I could do to that place.  Someday, someday....

So now I have to nominate someone else, let's see......Julia!  She is getting A LOT better at blogging on a regular basis and I am enjoying it!  Keep it up girl.  She has an adorable dog and a husband who is sooooo good to her.  (And yes Julia, I called you out so you keep up on your blogging!!  lol.)


Heather Rahn said...

Geez Cassie. It's about time! I didn't think you were ever going to acknowledge that we think your blog is Stylish. :)

Cassie said...

i know i know i promise i'm not a blog snob. lol.

Julia said...

OMG Cassie!! I didn't know anyone even cared about my blog! Thank you SO much:) It is awesome to know that someone actually reads what I put on there:) haha So....what is my next move now that I have been given this wonderful award?!?