Race for the Cure

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Race for the Cure

So like I mentioned in my weekend wrap up, this was my 5th year doing the Race for the Cure. But my third year doing it with Kacie and Betty and my second year doing it with a survivor. Promise, it will all make sense soon. lol.
When I first started doing it I signed up with the company I work for. It was just me and my Mom and some co-workers. It was amazing.
During my third year Kacie had said something about doing it and I told her she could sign up with us. She said her mother in law Betty wanted to sign up too. So the four of us signed up. It was great. But boy can a lot change in a year. In 2009 Betty walked in support or Breast Cancer survivors. There she is in her white shirt (top row) supporting people she didn’t even know.
Who would have thought that next year she would be walking in this exact same race, wearing a pink shirt, walking as a breast cancer SURVIVOR.
Wow, that year was extremely emotional. Being there in general hits your heart, but being there walking with a survivor makes you tear up. It truly is amazing and makes getting up at 5:30 on a Saturday and walking at the pace of a turtle for 3 miles in usually 90 something degree weather worth every step. That year we signed up with WILs team and we have been on their team ever since. This year we walked as sub team Betty Jones and had 15 people sign up with us. Betty may be quiet that whole morning but you know it means the world to her to have the support she has there. And I don’t think anyone would want to be anywhere else on that day.

Just a few random shots from the day:
This view is ALWAYS breath-taking. Look at all those people ahead of you.
AND look how many are still behind you.
76,000 people, all there to kick breast cancers @$$!!

And I only uploaded this picture because this may be as close to a bump picture as you might get from me. lol. Yep, rocking the “smedium”. Lol. Kidding. It’s a medium, I can still rock the mediums, right?!?! lol.
So don’t forget next year when you see the 23985298 commercials or hear it advertised just as much on the radio, to sign up. Whether you know someone or not, that could quickly change. It’s $30, so what, that’s dinner at Tequila’s for you and your family. I think you can pass that up. It’s worth it!


Jackie said...

I am hoping next year that I can!

Anonymous said...

I watched it on Channel 5 and sat there and cried at the TV- I would be an emotional MESS there seeing all that. I have always wanted to go and do it. Next year, I hope I can make it! Way to go you!

Heather Rahn said...

Maybe next year we can get a group of bloggers together Angie.

Katie said...

Love it!! With that many people there and all the years before that you would think they would have been able to find a cure by now. Its crazy how many people show up. Very emotional.

Kacie said...

I got emotional just reading this post! Thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful cause and being such a great support!!!