Confession Friday

Friday, June 17, 2011

Confession Friday

Katie, I'm sure you are stoked, FINALLY a Confession Friday (since you pointed out last week while eating your nasty jalapeno chips that I haven't done one in two weeks).  lol.  So this one's for your Katie!!

I confess that I secretly chant "Stay under $50, stay under $50" at the gas pump every.single.time.

I confess that THIS is what happens when I pick my daughter up from the sitter, ask her if she wants to go see Landon, get her out of the car, let her ring the door bell, and find out no one is home.........
Needless to say it was a FUN car ride home!

I confess that my face now turns a slight shade of red every time I bend over now.  Ugh.  Followed by a grunt.

I confess that I can't STAND people who want to have their babies early.  Drives me crazy.  Saying, I'm 36 weeks you can come out ANY time now baby.  I mean really?  And then you want to sit and stare at your kid through a BOX.  Ugh, no way.  Just drives me crazy.  God made us be pregnant for 40 weeks for a reason here ladies.  Get over it.  Yes you are uncomfortable, yes you are huge, yes it's not too much fun towards the end, but imagine what that baby will have to go through when it comes out the size of a small squirrel.  So suck it up!

I confess that I just LOVE Monkey See, Monkey Do-ers.  Ha, oh Lordy they just crack me up.  PTL for good ideas Cassie, PTL.  Geesh....

I confess that I wore white capris to work for the first time since Memorial Day.  (Bahaha, who even pays attention to that rule anymore?)  Anyways, I wasn't even at work 15 minutes and this is what they looked like...
Yep, black toner from the copy machine ALL down the front of me.  Ugh.  I would LOVE for someone to explain to me how men can build millions of dollar buildings but can't change toner, fill staplers, and unjam paper.  I am STILL looking for that Copy Machine Degree I "supposedly" have......

I confess that if I keep cooking from Pioneer Woman's recipes I am going to start blaming her for my weight gain at the doctor.  Oh em gee that girl can cook.  Like a mad woman.  It's amazing.  All that butter makes me gasp, but there's a reason for it.  Butter me up girl, butter me up!

I confess that maybe it's just me but when someone else is "paying" for something you don't usually order everything under the sun, correct?  I mean it's not like you order the five course meal.  Ugh, I guess some people's parents forgot to teach them that......  Manners people, manners.  They go a LONG way!

I confess that I dressed up my living room table last night with a scarf.  Ha, ok let me explain.  I wanted a runner for the table, and I have this REALLY long scarf that doesn't really go with any of the coats I have.  But it's red and matches the paint color on the wall.  So presto, new table runner.  And honestly I don't think anyone will ever be able to tell.

I confess that I am considering changing my kids name to Dr. Pepper.  Lordy that's all he wants.  ALL the time.  I crave them morning, noon and night.  YIKES!  This kid is going to come out with hair standing straight up on his head.  Maybe his nickname can be "Pepper."  Bahaha.  Doubt it.

Alright, that's enough.  Your turn, fess up!  Have a great weekend!!


Katie said...

=) ughh how I have missed Confession Friday! You said you couldnt smell my "nasty" jalapeno chips when really you were loving the smell. hahah I will share next time!

OMG that picture of Stella not being able to see her future hubby is too cute!! I bet she will let him have it next time she sees him. "How dare you not be home when I come over to see you!" hahah

I guess that Copy Machine Degree automatically comes with the Admin degree bc they think I have that also. So annoying.

I confess that Kathy & I are going to the Brad Paisely concert tonight. We thought it started at 4. We found out last night that thets not really the case. Brad and his opening acts dont come on until 7:30. Oh well still taking a half day!!

I confess that my wedding would NOT be happening if it wasnt for my mom. She is AMAZING. Yes, I am 25 and still need my mom's opinion on things like this. Its not like Andy has any opinion on it. He just keeps saying I dont care remember its YOUR day. hahah Yes it is!

Kacie said...

I confess that I am now addicted to soft pretzles. You get them in the freezer isle and just heat them in the microwave. I also like to dip them in low fat cream not on the diet=( O well! Neither is ice cream when I come over....but Stella really wants it!

Cassie said...

HA - PTL Katie, it's just not this office. Yes, because you are an admin you should know EVERYTHING about a copy machine. Really? I would LOVE to create a copy machine degree and hang it in my office. lol.

Oh Kacie those sound delish!! Mmmmmmm!!

Heather Rahn said...

Hahaha...totally lost a mouth full of orange juice because of the mental picture that came from your last confession. Thanks for that.

I confess that I have been eating my emotions for the past 4 weeks and when I go to the doctor this afternoon I am pretty sure they are going to make me purge myself in the bathroom after they take my weight.

I confess that when I go to Schnucks tonight to get some poster board for my yard sale signs, I am getting the variety case of Wood Chuck beer and drinking it all by myself tonight while making my signs.

Laura@everydayeasy said...

That picture of Stella breaks my heart!

Adrien said...

Aww...poor Stella!

Baha...I confess that when I read your confession about having babies early, I thought "She's not going to like my confession about having babies!" Hehe.

Anonymous said...

I confess that I must know where I can find these pioneer woman's recipes. My husband insists that I cook dinner more. I do....frozen pizza & box meals that everything is in the box, you just throw it in the oven. That is cooking right? lol

Heather Rahn said...

Here ya go Angie

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

Kim Luke said...

I confess that I just went to your blog and thought "why in the hell is she doing confession Friday a day early????"
WTF, where did Thursday go???!?!?!?!

I confess I am terrified something is going to go wrong tomorrow!!!! Ahhh! Can't wait for Sunday. wait, thats Father's Day. Eh', Monday then!

Kim Luke said...

Ps. Stella- Landon said he is sooo sorry, its all CB's fault. And he promises to make it up to you tomorrow!!! <3

Mirella said...

Awww that picture of Stella.
And you should never wear white clothes LOL.

I confess I can't without my blackberry anymore!!!

Have a great weekend

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

I confess that the highlight of my day is Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Noodle Bake!

Christine said...

I confess that I'm obsessed with Law & Order SVU! Why??? And now I'm starting to know all this legal jargon (I told hubby earlier that something was past the statue of limitations - WTF). And I dance/hum to the theme song. DUH DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (IF YOU WATCH THIS SHOW YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT).

For those who watch the Real Housewives - I confess that I cannot stand Alex and I love her feud with the Countess. Especially when Luann says her shoes are like Herman Munster and Kelly tells her "you're being weird!" It's stupid how obsessed I am with these Housewives shows.

I confess that I hate when random people want to give you advice and it just depresses you. For example, I can't count the number of times I've been sitting in a waiting room with my son and some mom with grown up children will tell me "enjoy it, they are grown up before you know it." UGHHHH... he's 8 weeks old people! I know they are trying to be nice and that it went fast for them - but it just comes off creepy.