Another Productive Night

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Productive Night

I don't know if this is nesting or what, but 12 weeks before my due date and I'm nesting like a mad woman.  Getting things done left and right.  Kinda freaks me out.  And then last night Stella musta been having a bad dream or something because she woke up screaming screaming screaming and was up for every bit of 45 minutes.  So hey, big man upstairs, if you are trying to tell me something like my baby is going to be early and I just need to get used to having no sleep and I need to get all these projects done, I get the hint.  Okie dokie?!  Geesh.
So yesterday I had a craving for some chocolate chip cookies.  Pioneer Woman style.  AND oh em gee she did NOT disappoint.  I gathered up the recipe before I left work and had my mind made up, I was going to make them pronto.  Got home, made dinner, Aunt Lacie came over, we ate and then her and I headed to the funeral home.  After that we came back home and I whipped up the cookies.  Well, the batter at least.  And quickly found out Stella is NO FAN of the Kitchen Aid Mixer.  Bahaha.  She was sitting on the counter "helping" me and I turned that baby on and you would have thought I yelled at her or something.  Wooweee, the tears were a flowing.  So needless to say, making cookies was quite the adventure.  PW says to let the dough chill for best results, so we mixed it all up, covered it with plastic, threw it in the fridge and headed for a walk with Laice.  I don't know what we picked up on our walk but we came home and Aunt Lacie was READY to work!!  PTL because I'm pretty sure if she would have left then we would have gotten nothing accomplished, well, besides the cookies.  Priorities people.  lol.
So we started with the tables.  We moved the table downstairs into the sunroom (it's heading to your house soon Dad), the table from the kitchen to downstairs, and then the table from the garage into the kitchen.  Make sense?  Baha, of course it does.  Short version, our new to us CL table was the one in the garage, we just had to do some rearranging before we could move it in.  But of course this couldn't be easy.  Going down the stairs and around corners, of course we had to take the legs off of just about every single table.  FUN FUN!  So once we did all of that ok, Josh and Lacie (Stella and I were GREAT supervisors though) we were on to the next project.
Another coat of primer on Stella's bedroom.  Which is super fun with a 16 month old around who thinks a ladder is her new climb house.  And the plastic on the floor should be worn as a cape.  lol.  Once we finally got her out of the room, and she threw her hisse fit, her and I headed to the kitchen to make some cookies.  Ok well this Momma ate a lot of the dough, but you know, it all worked out just fine.
Around 10:00 everyone was finishing their jobs and cleaning up.  Another productive night!  New kitchen table moved in, last coat of primer on the walls in Stella's room, and most importantly fresh chocolate chip cookies.  Life is good!

Ok so yeah those pictures I promised you.  Didn't happen last night.  At least not the really nice ones.  But I have a few camera phone pictures here and there for ya.  I know, not as great, but I'm working on it, PROMISE.
So a sneak peak of the bedroom.....
Can't decide if I should/need to paint that mirror black too.
And NONE of this is for sure. 
I need my decorator Kacie to come over and make some tweaks/tell me what to do.

And the new to us kitchen table.....
Promise it's bigger than it looks.
And ugh, I'm so OVER that red wall.
I would LOVE ideas for that wall.
Paint it the same color as the other wall?  Accent it with something else?
And again, not final until my decorator comes in with her magic touch.  lol.

But I PROMISE, once I become a little more "free" I will post some before and after pictures (and try to send some to you too Sarah).  Because trust me, the purple paradise of a bedroom we had before, ugh, not cute.  So PLEASE throw out any thoughts you have.  I need them.  My fashion sense, pretty good, my home decor sense, bahaha, ridic.


Katie said...

Im very proud of the Walter family for getting all of this work done so quickly all of a sudden, BUT that "new to us" kitchen table looks awfully familiar. DID SOMEONE LIE TO ME????

Heather Rahn said...

I painted a wall in my apartment in Chicago a chocolate brown color. I'm not kidding looked like a melted Hershey bar. Made you want to lick the wall when you walked in. Anyways, I LOVED IT. It blended with the red wall in the dining room and it all blended with the red accents I had in my living room/kitchen/dining room. My point is, if you have a lot of red accents in your kitchen, you could paint that wall a yummy brown.

Adrien said...

I've always wanted a chocolate brown dining room, so I like Heather's idea. :) There's also a nice reddish color called "Loganberry" that's really popular that isn't nearly as bright as true red.

Cassie said...

katie - no i did NOT go to the ghetto to get this table. PROMISE.

heather - great idea might have to look into that.

adrien - thanks!!

sblind2 said...

My kitchen has a red wall and the others are a dark khaki color...I like it!

Kacie said...

Can not wait to help decorate!!! And yes, let's paint that wall(even tho I like it, I understand the change!)

Anonymous said...

for sure paint your mirror black. It would tie it all together and look GREAT!
And go for the brown wall, like Heather said. One of these days my future home will have a brown wall somewhere...and a red one too :)