16 Months!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

16 Months!!

Ms. Stella is 16 months old today!  Wow the time sure is flying.  Crazy to think some of my friend's kids are almost two and ahhhh, how so soon Stella will be two.  And how soon I will have two under two.  YIKES!
So just a little Stella update:
She is so smart!  She knows where her head, belly and eyes are.
She is obsessed with her belly button.
When she shows you her eyes, you have to say "ow" because she thinks is funny to poke herself in the eye.
And she is constantly poking her babies in the eyes.  Let's hope she doesn't do this to her brother too.
She LOVES babies.  Love love loves them.  Rocks them, cuddles with them, pats them on the back and of course, throws them across the room or wings them down the hallway in their stroller and laughs when they crash into the wall.  lol.
She says 'Thank You' ALL the time!!  It's adorable.
Her favorite place to hang out is in the refrigerator.  But hey, it gives Mommy enough time to make dinner so I can't complain.
She is an awesome eater.  Pretty much eats whatever we are eating that night for dinner.  Which rocks!
Recently she started playing pretend a lot.  It's super cute.  She pretends with her tea set, with cleaning, with her babies, everything.  Love it!
She is READY to move into her big girl room.  The other night we asked her if she was ready to move rooms and she went to her current room, grabbed a few bottles of lotion and started taking them one by one into her new room.  Ha, I think she is ready.
She is STILL a binky baby.  Ahhhh, I know I know.  BAD MOM!  Oh well she usually just has it in the car and when she goes to bed.  It keeps Mommy sane so that's all that matters.
She could care less about getting a baby brother.  People always ask how is she going to do and I tell them I really don't think she has ANY idea.  Which is fine by me.  And I just can't teach her to point to my belly and say baby, because after this baby is out and she does that, I would probably cry.  lol.

Stella, you amaze me every day.  I love you so much!  I don't know what I did to deserve such a great kid but I thank God for you all the time.  Keep growing and learning and developing into the beautiful little girl you are.  You make me laugh and you brighten my day.  Keep smiling and doing what you do.  Everyone loves you!
Love, Mom.


Heather Rahn said...

Awww...so cute. I'm loving that picture!! She looks so inquisitive.

Adrien said...

16 months holds a special place in my heart. That's how old Evie was when we brought Grace home from the hospital. It's a sweet time. :) Happy 16 months, Stella!!!

Lara said...

Happy 16 months Stella! It truly only gets more fun from here!

Cassie said...

:) thanks guys!!

sblind2 said...

so sweet! Brody turned 20 months yesterday and it made me sad to think that only 4 more months he'll be 2!!!

Kacie said...

Happy 16 months, Stella! Can't wait to see you tonight! And maybe you should talk to mom about dinner, I didn't lay anything out:) Love you Stella!!