Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, here we are.  Told ya those people were crazy, the world didn't end.  PTL!  And funny thing we were talking about it on Friday and everyone I talked to heard a different time it was all supposed to happen.  However, I did still hold of on paying my bills until today.  Ha.
So anyways, Friday night we enjoyed what could have been 'The Last Supper' at Tequila's with the family.  Since Lacie was heading off to Mexico at four in the morning we thought we should see her before she left and help get her liver ready.  lol.  Just kidding.  Stella of course was loving all the attention from everyone at the table AND in the restaurant.  lol.  After that we headed home and didn't do much of anything.
Saturday morning I had to work at CK and when I left at 7:30 Stella was STILL sleeping.  Of course she would do this to me.  Oh well.  Daddy got peace and quite for about five more minutes and then she was up and at it.  They enjoyed breakfast and played all day until I got home.  And then guess what, you are NEVER going to believe this, but we actually did work on our dresser for our room.  You know, the step that is holding is up from starting on Stella's room because we need to get that dresser done so Stella can have our old dresser.  And so we can move the dresser from downstairs to upstairs and make room for the old bed.  Yep, wild hair for sure.  So we headed to Ace for some spray paint, because we are ever so patient, ha and one of those cool clip on spray paint can things.  No joke, best $3 I have ever spent.  So Stella and I grabbed a blanket and some sand toys (hey we can pretend right) and parked ourselves under a big ole tree in the backyard while Dad went spray paint crazy!
See, PROOF that we really did work on it!!
Only one more coat and we are ready for business.
Once all of that was done and Stella was over being the sand (jk) we packed everything up and headed to the front of the house.  Stella has a new fascination with being on the front porch/in the driveway.  She doesn't care what time it is or what she's wearing she wants to be outside.
See what I mean.  No pants, no shoes, and yes that is a Casino Queen card she is wearing as a necklace.  Ha, classy people.  Just need a cig and a broke down car in the front yard.  lol.  Just kidding!!  So we decided to grill and then we got ready for a 50th birthday party that night.  Of course I wouldn't have a picture of us looking nice and like we really do have class and manners for my blog.  That would be totally normal, right?!  Ha, thank goodness I did get a meet a follower that night and she got to see that we really are clean cut people who have manners, well, kinda.  We did have a baby in a bar.......  Crap!  Anyways, Kathy was super surprised and it was great.  We enjoyed good food and drinks and great friends!!  We headed home where I swear my kid wanted to stay up until midnight (Christine, I was thinking about that book you fowarded to me the other week, lol) but finally crashed around 10:30.  I tried my best to stay up for some JT and Lady Gaga SNL, but I made it through about one act and the next thing I know I woke up around 1:30 to some info-mercial.
Sunday Aunt Danielle decided she wanted to come home and it was a perfect day so we said, "let's go to the zoo!"  I hadn't been in forever and I thought oh Stella is just going to love it.  Bahaha, she could have cared less.  No joke, THIS was the look she had for most of the trip......
And I occasionally caught her tapping her hand on her arm like, this is super boring.
Pretty sure if she had a watch/could wear a watch she would have been checking it too.
But no joke when we were getting ready to leave, happiest kid ever.  lol.
Even though she could have cared less, she was awesome and cooperative and it was great.  Maybe in a couple more months when she actually gives a crap about more animals than the dog we will go again.  But Danielle and I sure had a great time.  We are very fortunate to have such an awesome zoo in St. Louis.  I did bitch about the $12 parking, but that was it.  And I would totally go back again and pay $12 because it's just that cool.  Unless someone wants to share a great place to park for free!!  Oh and since Daddy was a bump on the log and never wants to go anywhere, we did get to snap a family picture.........
lol - just kidding Dadddy!!
Yeah see my kids face, ha, could care less.....lol.  Total fake smile.
Oh and since Aunt Danielle says she never makes the blog, here ya go!
We booked it through the zoo in about two hours, because we are Steibel power walkers and can't stand to just lolly-gag but we got to see it all.  We headed home and enjoyed some lunch.  Nana came over and hung out for a bit and then her and Aunt Danielle left.  And then again, you are never going to believe this, but we decided to start on Stella's big girl room.  Ha, okYAY!!  We finished the evening up with a trip to DQ since they recently sent out their coupon book and called it a night early.
Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Heather Rahn said...

Wow someone was productive this weekend! Sounds like you had some fun. We are hitting up the zoo next Monday...as I am sure every other family that has the day off will be too. Can't wait.

Cassie said...

ha i thought the same thing for a sunday morning but it really wasn't too bad. have fun!!
best part, the sell beer there! lol.

Cassie said...

and ps - i think my productivity is called nesting, but hell is i still have 14 more weeks of this my house may be in some serious trouble. lol. i will be cleaning, moving, rearrnging everything!!

Anonymous said...

Like mother like daughter...less clothes the happier they are hahah and I love her Casino Queen necklace lookin good Stella!!
And LOVE her "are you serious mom are we STILL here" look while at the zoo. hahahah She is so cute.

Adrien said...

Oh my, we never pay for parking at the zoo! We just park on the hill going towards the Art Museum or even in the museum parking lot. It's a little further away, but not much, considering the whole point of the zoo is to walk around and see stuff, haha. Glad you got to go! Hopefully Stella likes it more next time. :)

Megan said...

since we have finally met, I feel as though I can comment too! =) did your sister Danielle go to Eastern? She looks dangerously familiar and I feel like maybe we had some classes together? Possibly an RA or something to do with residency? If not, sorry for the confusion but she definitely looks familiar! =)