Confession Friday

Friday, May 20, 2011

Confession Friday

Wow-wee it's FINALLY Friday.  I'm not sure if it was just me but the past five days have just been draggin' on.  Lordy, I swear every time I looked at the clock what seemed like an hour was ten minutes.  But it's finally here, and the countdown to the weekend has begun!  PTL.

I confess that this morning all we had left was Whole Milk for my coffee.  Ugh, but I needed/wanted/had to have my coffee so I used it.  Ugh.  Sorry, but whole milk just doesn't do it for me.  I feel like I'm chewing it.  I need my skim milk!!  (That's for you Danielle!!)

I confess that I'm pretty sure if I had the chance I could sleep till noon.  I have no idea why I am so tired lately.  I go to bed at like nine, but my the alarm goes off it's like pulling teeth for me to wake up.  Needless to say it's been a pony tail week, ALL week.

I confess that this crazy person saying the world is going to end on Friday just drives me bonkers.  I mean really.  And then he has like money on this or something.  And supposedly he predicted wrong some 15 or so years ago.  WTH and people are believing in him again?  Those people are called crazies.

I confess that this morning on the radio they had women calling in talking about things they just can not do in front of their men.  Examples, pick zits, fart, pluck chin hairs, change out their glass eye, etc.  Not a single thing was I like oh yeah no way would I do that.  Baha.  My poor husband.  Heck sometimes I'm like babe, I can't get this zit to pop, can you help me.  lol.  We sure are a classy pair.....

I confess that my house was chaos this morning.  My kid was running around in her pj shirt and a diaper, begging to have a drink of my coffee, while I'm telling the dog to get off of the high chair and stop eating Stella's cheese, tripping over plastic cups and spatulas that my daughter wanted to start a band with, trying to pack my lunch which ended up being hot dogs and applesauce, and dried to my eyes contacts.  Oh yeah with the kitchen window wide open, my smokes-to-much neighbor hacking a lung on the back porch.  I'm sure she was getting a kick out of me saying, "no you are too young for coffee", "Abbie stop eating Stella's cheese", 'where are your pants," "can Mommy please get dressed," and mostly importantly, "Daddy, I could use a little help please."

Oh geesh, and I just noticed I almost published this post as Confess Friday, not Confession.  Lordy, I think my head is still spinning.  I better check my shoes, I guarantee one is brown and one is black.....

I confess even though I don't believe in this whole world ending stuff I am holding off on paying my student loan payment until Monday.

Whew, I am worn out and it's only 9 a.m.  So here I sit with my Diet Pepsi, because I just couldn't choke down another drink of my coffee with whole milk (I think it was more of a mind over matter thing, but still).  I am stoked because I got gas for $3.74, but still every bit of 50 bones to fill up my tank.  I am half tempted to say f my hot dogs and applesauce and head to McDonald's for lunch for some chicken nuggets (I blame you Heather) and sweet tea with extra BBQ sauce.  Ummm, I can taste it already!!  And well hell, if the world ends on Saturday I want to make sure I have had McDonald's just one last time.  lol.  And IF the world does end on Saturday, well, I love you guys!


Kim Luke said...

I confess your morning stressed me out a little bit! I don't miss getting a kid and myself ready in the morning!!

I confess I am totally with you on the swimming confession. I can't wait for our pool to be open... but I am not thrilled about putting on a swim suit!!!!

alyssak said...

I just got a flash of what my life will soon be like, haha! Gotta love the neighbor hacking up a lung.

I secretly read everyone's confessions without ever telling my own so I guess today I will.

I confess that Russ and I sometimes pop each other's zits. The really tough ones that you just can't get yourself. It may be gross but heck I say that's love! Lol!

I confess that when I read chicken nuggets from McDonald's my mouth started watering. I might have to join you!

Adrien said...

Men! Sometimes it baffles me how much I'm juggling...meanwhile Eric is on the couch oblivious to it all.

I confess that I love whole milk and think all other milk tastes like water. I'm not a big milk drinker anyway, so this isn't an issue I'd go to the mat over, haha.

I confess that I wouldn't know anything about a guy predicting the end of the world this weekend if it weren't for many of my friends making comments about it. I can assure you of this...the bible says it's gonna happen someday, and that NO ONE will know when that day is. Not even Jesus. So yeah...I think I'll keep my Sunday plans. :)

Danielle said...

I confess that I read your blog everyday and never post any comments. Sorry about that sister.

Skim milk is so good and when I read about you putting whole milk in your coffee, I got a little sick to my stomach.

I confess that I have shared PTL with a lady I work with. She says Praise the Lord all the time and I LOVE IT!

Finally, I know this sounds crazy, but I really do want to be on maternity leave with you again!

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that I have eaten my phone number in calories this week so far. It's ridiculous. Stupid PMS.

I confess that when you said you prefer skim milk over whole milk, it made me gag a little.

I confess that you blaming me for your chicken nugget craving just made me crave them again and I'll probably be bad again today. Thanks! Now I can blame you.

Cassie said...

YAY to closet confessors!! I love it! Thanks guys!!

Yes, MEN, UGH! They are soooooo oblivious to it all!!

Alyssa, come on, let's go!!

Danielle - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO!!! You can work part time somewhere, I just need your help again. I just won't be the same!!

Meagan said...

I confess that all of this chicken nugget talk makes me want to go eat Keegan's left over ones that are in the fridge!

I confess that Keegan just came up to me and asked me to show him how to suck on a sucker...apparently he only knows how to bite them!

Mitch said...

I confess that my fellow co-worker was just telling me about the radio story, but all she could remember is women didn't want to fart in front of their husbands. Why not? Men do it in front of us from day one!

I confess that I have also asked my previous bf to pop zits for me too and I did it for him. I think it is more disgusting to let them go than to not pop them and clean them up. Just saying.

I confess that I also read your blog everyday and get a little disappointed when you don't post something. I'm addicted and share with my family all your funny family stories.

I confess that I want a blog, but my life is too boring at the moment.

I confess that I'm still in love with Robyn and Ace of Base. I downloaded a bunch of their songs last week.

My last confession, I'M IN LOVE WITH MCDONALD'S!! I think I get withdrawals. No wonder I can't lose weight...

Katie said...

I am eating my lunch as I read your blog today and I have to say everytime I read that someone else confessed about their spouse popping their zits for them I gagged my lunch back up. Thank you all for that! hahah

I confess that I woke up extremely late for work this morning and its mornings like today that I wonder how in the hell would I ever do this with a child running around. Your morning did sound a little crazy, but at the same time is sooo stinkin CUTE!! Stella wants what Mommy has, Abbie wants what Stella has & Mommy wants to switch spots with Daddy for the morning! hahaha

p.s. hope there wasnt any traffic on 270N for you yesterday evening.

Cassie said...

Bahaha - yes Mitch agree with the farts AND the sits. lol. Too funny.
And thank you, glad you enjoy my blog. lol.

Katie - you would gag. Too funny.
And yes EXACTLY Mommy would LOVE to switch spots with Daddy just ONE morning. lol.
And nope, no traffic. PTL!!

Anonymous said...

I confess that maybe I am a little slow (or dumb) that I have been TRYING for-EVER to think of what the hell PTL means......Thank you FINALLY Danielle, for saying what it means and me not having to ask. But now I have one of those slap you on the forehead and say DOH, I am a dumb ass

I confess that I LOVE to pop zits...not just my own, but my husbands too....I see one and I am all...hey honey get on over here and let me pop that nasty thing. Even strangers....I see one and I want to pop it. (I don't of course) but I cannot stand to see one all white-headed, it NEEDS to be popped! Gross.......

I also confess that I want so badly to start a blog...and I even kind-of created it. I have an AWESOME collage header that I made. I have thoughts all the time that I think, hey I could blog about that....and then I think of all these crazies in the world and how somehow, somewhere, some day someone would see where I live, how adorable my kid is, then put 2-N-2 together and come steal my kid. It is things like this that freak me out. Even my FB page is uber private for friends only. Oh and there are 3 people in this world that I know I def don't want them to know what is going on in my life...despite the other crazies in this world.

Christine said...

I had the tired thing my entire pregnancy... I wonder if that is typical when you're expecting a boy!?!? I never once had morning sickness, only a little nausea, but the tired thing was BAD. I would come home from work some nights and immediately thrown on my pj's and get into bed for the rest of the night. I would literally eat dinner in bed! And then I would take 2-3 naps every weekend! Since you have Stella running around, I'm sure this sucks majorly... so I feel for ya!