Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Even though it was just a Mommy and Stella weekend, we weren't alone much of the time.  Which we loved!!
On the way home from the baby sitters on Friday I was given this look.  Baha.
Pretty sure that is the "I'm not listening to a thing you are saying" look.  lol.  Crazy girl.
But nothing a little tickling can't fix.....
Friday night Grandpa Steibel called and said he was craving some fish, so we ordered some from CK and he brought it over.  Just in time for Aunt Danielle to arrive.  So the four of us hung out and watched Stella be her goofy self and enjoyed some good food.  Grandpa and Aunt Danielle enjoyed a nice cold beer, right in front of me.  How sweet of them.  Don't worry, only less than 16 weeks and I will be back to drinking you two under the table.
Saturday morning we had set out to hit up some yard sales for Henry.  Stella is infamous for being up at the crack of dawn so I thought we are going to be out bright and early.  And believe it or not she slept until 8:15.  Can I get an AMEN!!  This Mommy was happy!!  I don't care how many yard sales I missed, I LOVE me some sleeping in time.  (Ha, yes, horrible that I think 8:15 is sleeping in.)  So once she was up we made some breakfast and we were on the road around nine.  Nothing too wild and crazy that we spotted but we did get a few baby things.  Stella was SUCH a trooper getting in and out of the car and driving slowly through town.  Because we were totally being yard sale judgers.  Whoops.  We then met Aunt Lacie for lunch at Applebees and then met up with Nana for pedicures for Mother's Day.  I wasn't too nervous about Stella getting her toes done, but boy oh boy was I in for it.  She sat on my lap while I got mine done, but was over it towards the end.  She wanted to run around but with there being water on the floor in some spots and it being crazy busy, she was limited.  When the finally got time to paint her toes all hell broke loose.  I had her sitting on my lap and the lady grabbed her foot to start painting and the screams/cries/tears started.  Like it was painful for her or something.  lol.  Of course, everyone starred but I was bound and determined to get all 10 of them painted.  So with the shittiest paint job I have ever seen, we got this.  lol. 
Oh well, they didn't charge me so I can't complain.  Maybe next time.  Once everyone was dry, we packed up the car and Stella was sleeping before we even got out of the parking lot.  She gave me an amazing two and a half hour nap.  So you bet your bottom dollar I let myself enjoy that too.  But don't worry, karma always works out and when she woke up, she had shit the bed.  Woohoo, tons of fun.  Aunt Danielle got to experience that first hand.  lol.  Which I think added a few more years to her "I want kids" age.  So she was put on bath duty while I stripped the bed, cleaned the sheets and lysoled the room.  STINKY!!  lol.  Once we were all cleaned up we headed out for a walk and then just enjoyed the evening at home.
Sunday was Mother's Day.  And Stella blessed me with her smiling face at 6:30 a.m.  I didn't care, she is a gift to me every day.  So we enjoyed some breakfast and got a walk in before church!  She was pretty good in church but ready for a nap by the end.  We got home and tried a snack, but snack turned into this......
As she crunched through them while I ran to get a broom.....
After we fought nap time for about 20 minutes at home, I resorted to running some errands in Waterloo instead.  Anything for a nap, and she was sleeping by time we got out of town.  Once we got back we had some DiCarlos with Nana and Aunt Danielle, then headed home to start cooking for dinner at Grandma Steibels later that evening.  I made greenbean casserole for the first time and it made me feel like such an adult.  lol.  I don't know why but I feel like the aunts who have been in the family forever make that stuff, so watch out, I'm moving on up.  lol.  We enjoyed an amazing evening in the country with my favorite family!!  Once it was getting close to bedtime we headed home to hopefully find Daddy.  And we found him!  He had the laundry started, dish washer unloaded, grass mowed, his stuff unpacked and his shower already taken.  Yes I need to mark this down.  I was in shock!  He must have does this because it was Mother's Day (or maybe because he got a text from Mommy around noon saying, "I'm going to pretend you sent or called and told me Happy Mothers Day today.")  Yeah, not cool.  However he was hungry and sunburnt and a little sad that Stella didn't want him to rock her to sleep.  Hey, I can't help it she loves her Momma.  So he ate and I put Stella to bed.  We didn't get a chance to talk much about the weekend before I was sawing logs.  I was one worn out Momma.  All in all it was a great, much needed Mommy and Stella weekend but we are glad to have Daddy back.  Let's see how long he keeps up helping with the housework.....
Hope all you Mothers, Mothers to be, Godmothers, etc. had a great Mothers Day!  There is nothing more rewarding than being a Mommy!!


Kim Luke said...

Stella has the messiest poops of any baby I've ever met.
Knock on wood. Landon will be 2 in 1 month and he has never shit the bed. lol
Ohh Stella, I love that you keep it interesting!!

Heather Rahn said...

Geez. Wore me out just reading that!! Did you hit up the Chamber of Commerce yard sale at the Fairgrounds in Waterloo Saturday? I went and got a bunch of boy onesies for Ashley.

Katie said...

Aww sounds like you and Stella had a good mommy and Stella weekend!! WOW that is quite the snack mess. Looks like this might be helpful https://www.buygyrobowl.com/ :) Shes so stinkin cute though. Look at her just standing over the mess looking at it. hahah

Cassie said...

lol sorry - overkill.

no we went to the valmeyer wide one. only spent $10 which was fine. my unborn kid has a shit ton of clothes already!!