Confession Friday

Friday, May 6, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that Stella totally posed for this picture.  She sat down and I said "night night" and she closed her eyes and I took the picture.  She, no joke, opened one eye like "did you get the picture yet."  Bahaha.  Poser.

I confess that I have the craziest sense of smell when I'm pregnant.  I swear I can smell poopies the second they hit my kids diaper.  It's crazy.  My husband tries to blame the dog that way he doesn't have to change her (no surprise) but I am usually dead on with who the source is.

I confess that Jason Alden's 'Dirt Road Anthem" makes me wana hate him.  I really liked his music, and then that mess came out and I want to take his CD and throw it out the window!! (That's for you Katie!!)

I confess that I have had too much caffeine this week.  Poor Henry.  He is probably doing cartwheels in there.  I'm sure my payback will be hell.

I confess that I went through the McDonald's drive thru this morning because I had been good all week and brought my lunch.  But then when I was pulling away I realized it wasn't what I order.  But it was better than what I ordered so I kept it.  And then I found out there was no straw.  Karma?  I think so.  But oh well.

I confess I am super in love with these shoes!!  Even though they are still just a little bit to big for Stella.  So cute!!

I confess that I had a blast last night at The Lukes Cinco de Mayo party.  The kids were great, the food was great, the company was amazing, and I got to drink.  Ha, ok virgin strawberry lime daiquiris, but omg, amazing.  We put sugar around the edges of our glasses and pure goodness.  AND even better, I don't feel like crap today from drinking last night.  Bahaha.  It's the little things right?!
Isn't my bff super pretty?!!?!  Like why she hangs out with this chick who wears shirts that looks like some of my Grandma's curtains, I have no idea!!

I confess that I was addicted to the Coleman Trail.  Ugh, that sick sick man.  I was all over the news about that like a hawk.  So glad he was found guilty.  Word on the street is 48 Hours was there doing a taping about it.  I just knew that crazy messed up story would end up on a show like that for sure.  Just so scary how close to home something like that can happen.  Sick sick people out there in the world.

I confess that this is sooooooooo me.  My friend Maranda got these for me and I couldn't stop laughing.  Trust me, this white girl CAN'T dance and when she tries my arms just go outa control.  LOL!

I confess I need help!  My dashboard Reading List isn't updating.  Like I see nothing.  It's been like this for two days now.  Heather, didn't this happen to you?  Did you have to do something to fix it?  It's driving me bonkers!!

I confess I am in a much better mood today!!  It's kinda nice to have a break from some people for awhile.  Sometimes it's needed.  And I have a little shopping planned for this afternoon and then a fun weekend filled with the people I love.  YAY!  Life is good.

Now your turn, fess up!!  The weather is supposed to be pretty nice this weekend.  Enjoy!!


Adrien said...

Christine Pettijohn is having the same problem with her blog list not showing up. This happens to me occasionally, but then when I close out all of my pages and open them back up again it comes back. I have no idea why your guys' isn't doing that. That IS really annoying!

I confess that somehow this week I was tricked into making a deal with Eric to have sex at least twice a week - once on the weekends and once before Thursday. I thought it was a ridiculous idea...but I'm not gonna hasn't been terrible so far. Baha. ;)

Cassie said...

Bahahahaahah - Adrien, you go girl!! lol.
Do I sense another little Robert girl in the making?!?! lol.

Heather Rahn said...

Oh Adrien...I just spit Gatorade out of my nose when I read your comment.

Yes, my blog has been doing the same thing and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. It drives me bat shit crazy.

I confess that when I read your Jason Aldean confession I wanted to flick you in the forehead. No Jason Bashing!!!!

I confess that I just did a mid morning run to McDonalds or I was going to die in a heap of hungoverness (word?) at my desk.

Kim Luke said...

I confess I love Stellas shoes, even If they are too big!! :)

I confess that I love that Jason Aldean song.. And I'll make sure it's on our first Sunday Funday cd! muahahaha

I confess that I thought your shirt was so cute last night and how much I love your bangs bumped! caaaute

Happy Mother's Day!!

Katie said...

NNNOOOOO please dont hate Jason Aldean!! Its ok to not like one of his songs (not liking Dirt Road Anthem...still dont understand why but its ok!!)
LOVE that Stella posed for that picture! hahah too cute. And those sandals are adorable!! And I dont think your shirt looks like a Grandma's curtain. I think you bought look cute in that picture.
Adrien I dont know you, but your confession was HILARIOUS!! I love it.

I confess that this morning on the way to work Cornbread was having people call in and describe their mom in 7 words or less. Im not even a mom and I had tears coming down my face. Sooo sweet!! Seriously some of them were definitely hand on the heart with an "omg that is sooo precious".

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Adrien LOL if my husband reads this he will be jealous at your husband LOL

I confess that I have today signed up for a photography workshop, and my husband doesn't know yet, now I'm feeling guilty

Meagan said...

Oh Adrien....pretty sure that was THE best laugh I've had in awhile!! So glad Ryan doesn't know how to navigate through blogger!! :)

I confess that I was ashamed that I couldn't pee to leave a sample at the dr this morning...seriously, what kind of pregnant lady can't pee at all times?!?! Luckily I was able to push out just enough after the nurse gave me a big 'ole cup of water!

I confess that I'm absolutely LOVING the new blog look...makes me want to change mine around, but that probably won't happen.

Cassie said...

Hahaaha everyone is loving the new Adrien! lol. Or the secret Adrien coming out. YAY!

Meagan you musta had the nervous pee. No one can pee on demand. I always have to bring in my first morning pee. Yeah that smell lovely come by 3:30 appointment. UGH.