Half Birthday!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Half Birthday!!

Bahahaha - this is so me!  lol.
Yep, today is the big HALF birthday!!
6 more months until I'm 25!  YIKES.
PS - if someone would have told me I would have been married for two years with two kids by time I'm 25 I would have told them you are outa your mind!  But here I am.  Funny how things work out?!!?

So all kinds of good stuff today.
Half birthday of course!
LOVED the Season Finale of Bethenny Ever After last night.  Swear she's my long lost twin.
We just one a BIG $21M job at work, YAY!
Going to deliver a bid today and totally wearing the same outfit as my coworker.  Baha.  Cracks me up.  I'm sure we are going to get PLENTY of funny looks.  Especially since we are both pregnant.
Having dinner with my favorite Joneses tonight!!
Loving this weather!!


Kacie said...

YAY!!! Almost 25 and I am almost 30... Can't wait for dinner tonight!! =)