The Big 5-0!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Big 5-0!!

We did it!  50 Followers!  Ahhh, I have been patiently waiting for this day for-eva!  And for those of you know who me I am NOT patient by ANY means.  So this is huge people, huge!!
This all started as a little blog to keep people updated with Stella, especially my sister who had just moved to Springfield.  And I remember being so excited when I had my first comment from Kacie, quickly followed a few days later by Katie.  They have been real troopers on commenting because let me tell you some days I was uber boring.  lol.  But their little comments of awww and yay kept me going.  And then the day came when I had my FIRST official follower, my bff Kim.  YAY!!  It only took about three months but I think blogging was still pretty foreign to most of the people I knew, and hey it's the little things in life, right?! 

So here we are 383 posts later and 50 followers!!

I just want to thank you all who follow my blog, publicly, privately, secretly, regardless I appreciate it!!  And I want to apologize for the days when I'm uber boring, crabby, emotional, bitchy or just plain driving you nuts and you never hit the unfollow button.  Melts my heart.  lol.

So I have talked about doing a giveaway once I hit 50 followers and well, I ain't all talk.
So here's what you gotta do to win.
First of course, be a follower (the public kind)!!
Leave a comment just saying something nice.  We all like to hear nice things, right.
Giveaway closes at midnight tonight and I will put all your names in a hat (old style people) and draw a winner.
And then announce tomorrow morning, so check back to see if you have won!
So what am I giving away here folks?!
**A $10 Target Gift Card**
(Remember I have two kids and a husband with a hunting problem, I'm on a budget here people).

YAY!  And thanks again, you guys ROCK!!


Heather Rahn said...

Yay! A giveaway!! So glad I found your blog and so glad you found mine. It's been great getting to know you and I can't wait til our next night out!!

Adrien said...

Congratulations!! I'm also super glad to have found blogs of such great people. Yay for your "official" followers!

Erin said...

Something nice!! :)

Kacie said...

I LOVE giveaways, I am so addicted to Target I had to give it up for Lent so a $10 gift card would be AMAZING and my blog today is all about your amazing family=) (I swear I did the blog before I even read your blog today!!)

Katie said...

YAY 50 followers!!! I have always stalked your blog, but I have to admit at first I didnt know about "following" someones blog. So for a while I was one of the private followers.
I dont get to see you and Stella (and Josh) as often as I would like so this blog is what keeps me updated on how big she is getting and the looks she is already starting to give her momma!! I still love the picture of her in her high chair looking at you like ok mom enough with the pictures this morning!! hahah

Nicole said...

Congrats! It's been great seeing how your blog has grown along with all the new friendships made! Here is to many more!

Jackie said...

I just started follwing your blog and I must say that I love it! You crack me up with your words and Stella reminds me so much of Loreli so I can relate to alot of things! I just hope that my blog is half as good as yours is!

Cassie said...

Awwww yay! Thanks guys!!

Anonymous said...

Wow 50 followers, I have 7 LOL.
I'm glad I found your blog, I love to read it, sometimes it is a little difficult for me to read it, but I understand it more and more YEAH haha.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry I forgot to say congratulations

Anonymous said...

50 followers :) Yay! I am glad that I am one :) You crack me up! I love reading your blog and getting to know Stella through this blog. I really thought about doing one, but man I just don't have anything funny to say like you do! one of these days maybe i will get it together. so Congrats on your 50 and PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!! lol :)

Kelly Muench said...

I Love Your Blog Cassie!! You do an awesome job!! Count me in as a follower!! LOl!! Have a great day!! Keep up the GOOD Job!!

Kim Luke said...

I think your bff deserves it.. espec because I was your FIRST follower!!!! :)
And I still remember the text you sent me when you seen you had your first follower. you were so excited! lol
Now if only we could get your creepers to become followers, you would jump to 100 overnight!!! bahaha
love you. and your blog!!! :)
ps. i might have to steal this idea if I ever hit 50. Of course I'll do something other than target..but something cool. So in about 4 years, I'll think of something :)

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

Yay 50! Love your blog...but can we please hang out in real life sometime???

sblind2 said...

Congrats, Cassie!!

Crystal L said...

Congrats Cassie!!! Your blog is awesome and I look forward to reading it. So glad I finally figured out how to become a follower!

Laura@everydayeasy said...

Congratulations on 50!! You crack me up!

Lara said...

I almost missed my chance to enter! Whew...close one! Anyways, I look forward to reading your blog. I wish I could be a better blogger, maybe someday. It is so great to read about Stella and your life as a Mom, since we are all going through it together.