Can't Fit Through the Kitchen Door

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can't Fit Through the Kitchen Door

Yep, yesterday someone felt like a fatty.  Thank you baby boy.  You better be packing or else something is wrong.  Bahaha, JUST KIDDING!!  But anyways, yesterday was the doctor appointment and the dreaded glucose test.  Yeah yeah you are supposed to fast for like two hours before and not eat or drink, well of course I did NOT pass up a trip to Seamus, NOR did I waste much food on my plate.  So I already knew I was in for something bad.  And I drank like 85 glasses of water yesterday so that did not help.  I DID fast, but it was more like for an hour and 45 minutes.  Ya know, close enough, right?  So I drank the nasty glucose, which was so much worse the second time around.  I think because I think what I was in for.  So on the drive to the hospital I tried to pass as much gas as possible, get comfortable, because I was STUFFED to the gills with Seamus goodness and now 10 ounces of sugary drink. 
Well.................. ok, deep breath - I gained 11 pounds!!
Bahahaha, yep don't worry I think the nurse and I both said, 'what the hell' under our breaths!  lol.  She wrote it down and looked at me and said, "Wow, that is quite a jump from last time."  Crazy hormonal Cassie would have said, "Exxxxcuuuuuussse me lady," but I was too stuffed to complain and well, I totally did it all to myself.  So I said, "yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking."  She said, maybe you are just retaining a lot of water.  Ahhhh, good excuse, I thought.  But no joke, I was.  We got into the room and she checked out my legs/calves.  Holy hell.  They were HUGE!  It was crazy.  Like kankle city!  Which is not really common at 26.5 weeks.  So I had a little PTL to myself for it not being pure fat sitting right up on my ass.  Because I swear, my ass is going to have a kid too.  So she said she would have the doc look at it when he came in.  He, being ever so awesome and relaxed, says it's nothing to worry about, weigh myself in a few days I will probably be down about five pounds and my legs will be fine.  Ahhh, and this why I love him.  So of course I weighed myself around ten today and I am already down three pounds.  YAY!
But of course I had to do something about the legs yesterday and well, the depression I quickly took upon myself too.  Because let's face it, gaining 11 pounds in four weeks, just.ain'  So I indulged in a pedicure and it was great.  Just the boost of confidence I needed.  Well, except for when the girl giving me a pedicure asked why my legs were so swollen.  Ugh.  Oh well.  And of course ate ice cream like watching the BL Finale.  Again, yes I know I do this all to myself.  But I share it will Stella, so it's totally acceptable.  lol.
So my legs are as back to normal as I will accept them to be today. 
And I am dealing with the weight by starring at one of these:
It's called The Tuxedo
Vanilla Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Cake, Mini Oreo Cookie

I swear I can hear it talking to me. 
"Eat me." 
"Baby loves Oreos." 
"You know you want me." 
Bahaha, ok, yes, I am a crazy person.  But i'm ok with that.
I will take it home to my husband for him to eat.
I will take it home to my husband for him to eat.
I will take it home to my husband for him to eat.


Adrien said...

I'm thinking you should give baby what he wants. I would have devoured that cupcake by now! :)

I always had big jumps in weight, too, but I didn't have the water weight excuse. My nurses would smile kindly and say things like, "Just make sure you're only eating when you're *really* hungry." Well, okay, but I was ALWAYS hungry!

Cassie said...

Hahahaha, exactly!! lol.

Mirella said...

Ohhhh give the cupcake to me LOL

Love this blog haha

Laura@everydayeasy said...

Pleeease tell me you ate the cupcake yourself!!! That looks amazing! I am the weirdo that kind of liked how the glucose drink tasted.

Christine said...

I saw your pictures on FB from the zoo and you look great! I'm glad I wasn't pregnant in the summer b/c I'm not sure if I could pull off the shorts/tank tops thing with the big belly... you look awesome! There are some months where you will gain more and some less - NOTHING to worry about.

Cassie said...

Updated - the cupckae DID NOT make it home. lol. Whoops!

Christine - thanks! I had a couple different outfits on before we left. Its hard to be pregnant, wear shorts and not look like a hoochie. lol.