The Voice

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Meagan said...

Love it!! They picked the perfect people to be the coaches.....and I gotta say I didn't think I would like Christina as a coach but I really do! However I wouldn't mind if they kept the cameras on Blake the whole time!! :)

Kim Luke said...

Love the show & especially love him!!!
Christina has some lungs on her-but I wish she would just sing and not talk. she got on my nerves!!!

Katie said...

LoveLoveLove this show! And this guy definitely made me cry...embarrassing? Maybe just a little.

Cassie said...

Agree - I was worried about Christina because I think she is kinda annoying too, but she impressed me.
Blake is funny, but a little tangy.
And man oh man I love me some CeeLo!

Awww Katie, I don't cry but I sure do get the chills!!

Katie said...

Haha I think it was mostly watching his wife stand there and cry. He's on itunes!