Royal Wedding Mode

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Mode

Last night Stella was in Royal Wedding mode.
We had some tea, the crumpets (aka brownies) were still in the oven.
Stella loves her tea set and one cup, I can't find the other one lately.
She is very good at sharing and doesn't mind if you drink straight from the pot.  She encourages it.  lol.
I love the English speaking woman.  She cracks me up!!
Especially when she says, "would you like some mo!"
And I now know every song from the tea set.

And yes, I know, that damn binky, ugh.
And I promise I don't make my kid play here, she just loves sitting on the rug by the front door.  I think she loves attention from passer-byers (no idea where she got that from)....


Adrien said...

Evelyn no longer serves us tea from that tea set. Now it's coffee only. And she makes us say "peas" first. Haha.