Confession Friday

Friday, April 1, 2011

Confession Friday

First off, Happy April Fools!!  I just read an e-mail from a lady who used to work with me and she put baby powder in her husband's hair dryer this morning.  Bahaha.  Perfect idea.  And the fact that he uses it right after he gets out of the shower.  Doh.  Not a happy camper.  But - hilarious!!

Now, on to the confessions of my crazy little thing I call life.

I confess that Stella has recently been going to her soon to be big girl room that is still used just as a spare room and playing in there.  I think she is dropping us a hint.  But the other day she found her old bumbo.  And well, now she is obsessed.  I think we might have a problem with sharing come August.....
Ha, I was just surprised she still fit in it!  lol.

I confess that little girl nightgowns are ADORABLE!  I mean don't get me wrong I love me some two piece jammies, but I put this on Stella last night and I couldn't stop saying awwww.
(sorry for the crappy blackberry pictures, I know Katie, get off my butt and go get that NICE camera I have.)

I confess that we said we would buy Stella a DVD player for her birthday.  Well, tomorrow is two months SINCE her birthday and still no DVD player.  Ha, AND we are going on a trip this weekend.  Lots of car time.  Looks like I might be buying a DVD player on my lunch break.

I confess that sometimes for dinner my daughter has cheese and animal crackers.  Hey, it makes her happy and makes me happy.  That's all that matters.

I confess that I think my daughter has had PMS the last few days.  It's one of those throw yourself on the ground, kick and cry, then stop and look up at Mommy like, are you still watching me, then make eye contact and start doing it again weeks.  Oh yeah, it's been fun.  Like omg I ran out of milk, ahhh, fall to the floor and cause a scene.  Josh and I both look at her like really sis, get up.  lol.  Poor kid gets no sympathy from us.

I confess that the S.I.T. is this month and I am trying my best to keep my mouth shut and not let my husband know that it's driving me absolutely crazy that he is not taking it this year.  Ugh, it's a never ending battle.

I confess that I LOVE half birthday!  And today is my Mom's!!  So Happy Half Birthday Mom!  I won't tell the blog world how you are half way to forty ______.  Kidding.  You are way young!

I confess that I wanted to go to Opening Day sooooo bad yesterday but going prego is totally different then going not prego.  Wow, I sound like I have a drinking problem.  lol.  But it is!  I could miss every Cardinal's game for the rest of the year for the hype of Opening Day!!

Alright, your turn.  Fess up!  Have a good weekend!!


Heather Rahn said...

I confess that I am going to completely ignore my diet this weekend, and then bitch come Monday when I gained a few lbs.

I confess that everything I put on this morning had a purpose...I was maybe going to have to see my ex and I wanted to look glamorous. But I didn't. So now I look glamorous anyways :)

I confess that I also laid in bed this morning trying to come up with a valid excuse that I didn't have to come to work today. But I couldn't find one. So here I am.

Sara said...

Where did you find the night gown? All I can ever find are two piece sets and sleepers! Very cute!

I confess that I've spent the entire morning trying to rationalize buying a new watch and I can't come up with a single reason to do so except that I want it. Waa.

Katie said...

Is there anything in her big girl room yet that is for her or does she just go in there just because? Will she have a toddler bed when she moves in there?

What is S.I.T? Is it an IL thing??

I confess that I am probably the most pale I have ever been and Im disgusted with myself. I feel like I should wear a turtle neck and pants everyday. I promise to start tanning hopefully this weekend. Sorry if you have to see me before I get some color.

I confess that when my sister called me last night balling her eyes out saying she thought she need to go the the ER. My second thought after figuring out what was wrong with her was this could be a great excuse not to go to work tomorrow!!! hahaha thats awful I know.

Cassie said...

Ha, Heather, I totally have those days. You just never know who you might see. And it puts you in a good mood!!

The nightgown is actually a hand-me-down so I have no idea. It's Disney Princesses so maybe the Disney store?!!?

Ha, nope Katie nothing has changed. I know I know.
The S.I.T is the Surveyor in Training test. He has to pass it to become a PLS Professional Land Surveyor. The more tests he passes the more money he can make and the more valuable he is to the company. Yeah so now you see why I'm POed. lol.
Don't tan, be white with me. The damn ladies at the tan place in twon won't let me tan since I'm knocked up. Ugh.

Adrien said...

I confess that some friends called us up this afternoon to hang out tonight, and we accepted before I remembered I have 4,386 things to do before tomorrow. I don't want to back out since we haven't gotten together in forever, but it looks like it's going to be a late night....

I confess that Flash Player's April Fool's joke has been cracking me up all day! There's a little dude in a trench coat that "flashes" you when you click on him, haha.