Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

- How everyone thought last week it was hot "dogpuke".  Baha.  I still laugh every time.
- My total confidence in talking about puke or poop like it's no big deal.  Weird.
- My kid biting at daycare.  Really, I mean what do you even say?  Sorry?!!?
- NOT having tickets to the Cardinal's Home Opener today.  Ugh, last year was so much fun!!
- People reading into things to much.  Relax.  Sit back, have some fun.  Life's too short!!
- Having a boy.  A boy?  Me?  I STILL don't think it's set in yet.  Seriously.
- Tomorrow being April Fools day, like the biggest Steibel Family Holiday ev-a.  I'm nervous.
- Staring your car in the morning to get it warmed up for your baby and then you come back out to get in it and realize your sunroof was open the whole time.  Doh!
- Stella making a change.  Change is never easy, especially for a 14 month old.  But I think it will be for the better.

- Buying a sub from Subway the other day and the clerk telling me if I filled out a survey online I could come back and get a free cookie.  Hells yeah!!  You had me at 'free cookie.'
- My amazing new glasses that I paid a whopping $18.28 for.  And received in five days.  And look fab on me.  Did I mention they were originally $128?  Like on cloud nine, seriously.  Thank you Coastal Contacts!
- Having a boy.  It's crazy yet so exciting at the same time.  I am truly blessed.
- Getting to see my big sister this weekend!!  Love me some sister bonding time.
- The cafeteria food at St. John's.  Besides the fact that it's like the best hospital to have babies at in the St. Louis area, the food just plain freaking rocks.  No joke.  Amazing.
- Gyros.  And the fact that one of the best places in St. Louis to have a gyro is just minutes from the office.  Maybe this baby should have a Greek name instead.  He sure has had a craving for some gyros.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.
- Head and Shoulders Shampoo.  Promise, I do not have dandruff, but stuff is just plain amazing.  I have been an avid user for about three months now and I am yet to be disappointed.  Who would have thought?!


Heather Rahn said...


* Switching it up this're dad telling you he is bringing a date to your next family event on Sunday
* Staring at the hot guys ass in front of you in line at Moto Mart because he has a hole in his pants and no underwear on.

* Getting a free peek at the hot guys ass in line in front of you at Moto Mart because he has a hole in his pants and no underwear on. Don't mind if I do!
* Having a dog that is okay being home alone and doesn't tear up the house in retaliation.

Adrien said...

I love these! But I never have anything good to contribute. That's kind of awkward, right? Haha.

Bahaha...Heather, that's hilarious!

Nicole said...


Booking a trip to Ft. Meyers Florida and getting your stay for free!!!! I love friends with benefits ;-)


smelling my brother after his hockey practice and trying to figure out if I should tell him he needs to start using deodrant more often or if he just doesn't care at that point in the day. 16 year olds are so sensitive.

Cassie said...

Heather - only you. Baha. Only you.

Thanks Adrien.

Hahahaha Nicole, I think it's just boys. They never care.

Katie said...

*I was looking at your blog when my boss walks by and says "is that a real thumb?? That looks like a toe on a hand." hahaha I lost it and said that is what this post is about her being insecure about her thumb. I like your unique thumb!

*Using myPanera card at lunch today and getting a free strawberry smoothie!!!
*Andy's little brother is coming home from South Korea today!

Cassie said...

katie - omg, no i'm so much more insecure. fml. lol. and omg - yes yes yes. i bet everyone is over the mon excited. well, expect for his baby momma/crazy woman. bahahaha. enjoy him being home!!

Meagan said...

*putting your foot in your mouth...not literally but after you went on a rant about something

*picturing the guys butt at moto mart...for Heather's sake I hope it wasn't hairy!! hahahaha

*realizing that Easter is only 3 1/2 weeks away...can't wait to drink some soda!!